Belinda Babicci

Belinda is a Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Massage Practitioner with over 16 years’ experience in the Natural Therapies Industry. Natural health is her absolute passion and reason for existing on this earth. She loves helping people to overcome their health challenges and working with them to achieve their best health possible, however, she especially loves working with mums and children.

She is a realist and knows that making healthy changes can be challenging. As such, she is dedicated to finding achievable and sustainable changes that her clients can implement to improve their health long-term.

Belinda specialises in:

  • New mum’s health, breastfeeding
  • Kid’s health
  • Gut health, food intolerances, digestive issues
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Eczema and reactive skin conditions
  • Period repair and endometriosis
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Complex health issues
  • Men’s health

Belinda has studied many different areas of natural health including massage for both humans and horses, postural corrections, energetic healing, natural beauty therapy, kinesiology, colonic irrigation, Bach and Bush Flower remedies, iridology, and herbal and nutritional medicine. She utilises this unique skill set to individually tailor each consultation for the best outcomes possible.


  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
  • FitGenes Practitioner Accreditation – Functional Genetic Testing & Clinical Nutrigenomics
  • Certificate IV in Massage Practitioner Training
  • Certificate in Touch for Health – Kinesiology

Belinda is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Fast Facts

Favourite food:

Vegetarian Indian food

Top health tip:

Always add veggies! The more veggies you add to your meal, the less room on your plate for unhealthy foods.

Favourite exercise:

Yoga and pilates

Favourite health supplement:

Liquid herbs! So easy to customise; love the smell; love the taste; feel like I’m mixing up a magical potion when I’m making them – amazing!

When not at work:

Being in nature and hanging out with my family and animals (Son 3yrs, horses, chickens, dog)

Videos From Belinda

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Healthy Swaps for Kids

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Kind Words From Belinda’s Clients

‘ I had a free 15 minute consult with Belinda & at the time I was desperate to feel better, I was feeling so anxious & depressed. I started taking the 2 supplements she prescribed & a few days later I felt like a different person. I have so much energy now, the anxiety has gone & I actually feel happier than I have in such a long time. In the 3 weeks since I have gotten myself a new job & joined a running group- a far cry from where I was emotionally & physically. I honestly can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much Belinda. ‘ (Melissa)

‘So glad I worked up the courage to make the phone call to Mullen Natural Health Centre. Seeing Belinda has been an absolute game-changer for my health. My aim was to come off all of my prescription medication and to lose weight and just ‘feel better’. I’m so happy that I have been on NO prescription medication for the last 8 weeks! Yippee 😊 My journey is definitely not over with other niggles diagnosed along the way but with the help of Belinda, eating right and the right supplements the only way is UP. Forever grateful.’ (Kylie)

‘I’ve just begun to see Belinda at Mullen Health Centre and I am very happy with my experience so far. I really like the centre’s comprehensive approach, ongoing support of clients and the welcoming environment.’

“The staff are professional and so helpful. Belinda is extremely knowledgeable and personable (great with children), and I feel I can trust her with my health, and that of my family. Highly recommend!” Catherine

“I first reached out to Mullen Health looking for an alternative, more natural approach to the many health issues that my son was still experiencing following many years of investigations, surgeries, medications and continued poor health. I was at a total wits end and felt like we were getting no where…until, we met Belinda. Belinda has been absolutely phenomenal from the moment we met. Her compassion, understanding and support is next level and I really don’t know where we’d be now if we didn’t seek this alternative approach to improving our son’s health. He has come ahead in leaps and bounds and I attribute so much of it to the amazing work that Belinda has done to improve his health and wellbeing. Words can’t actually describe how eternally grateful and appreciative of Mullen Health we are. Our lives have been changed in the greatest way possible.” Holly

“I highly recommend Mullen’s for all of your health concerns. Each time I visit I go for a reason that has bothered me for years. Drs just keeping prescribing pharmaceuticals that just don’t deal with the cause of the problem. Going to Mullen’s I get healed within weeks (4-6). They go directly to the source of the problem and take on a holistic approach. I am so grateful for their support and guidance and advise everyone to visit if you want to heal. Thank you all so much.” Annette

” I highly recommend Mullen Health. We first went for our sons health with Belinda. She has been wonderful. Now it’s a family affair. My husband and myself are now going as well. We cannot thank them enough for all their help and support.” Jacqueline

“I just had my first appointment with Belinda and she was absolutely brilliant! She is the first health care provider I have seen in a long while who has taken the time to listen to my health concerns and genuinely wanted to help. I am looking forward to my next appointment and highly recommend her. Thank you Mullen health!” Jessie
” I have been going to Mullen health for many years now and the service, products and people are always of a very high standard. My health has improved so much with their advice and patience and they work through each problem thoroughly, I don’t know what I would of done without them. Belinda has been wonderful, no knowledgeable and kind.” (Michelle)
“Belinda was incredibly helpful and informative! We delved into the fundamentals of my overall health to find a solution to my immune deficiency, I would recommend this service to anyone who needs an in depth overhaul of their health, thank you!” (Alana)
“I have worked with Belinda over the last couple years to get my health back on track and cannot recommend herself and Mullen Health enough. I now live without constant pain & discomfort thanks to her guidance.” (Renee)
” Had such a good experience at Mullen Health. Their holistic approach to wellness shines through their staff. Belinda in particular has been lovely to work with.” (Shanelle)
“I’ve been seeing Belinda for the best part of this year. She is knowledgeable and understanding of chronic health issues, has worked alongside treatment plans and medications from my GP, and is lovely to deal with. Her approach is client centric, which has been so helpful for me, particularly making dietary changes with a young family. She’s mindful of the pace and cost of change. I’m seeing some positive changes and results and would highly recommend. The Herb Bar is also been a fantastic resource for my family this Winter.” (Amelia)

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