3 Step Guide to Reverse Eczema for Good

Have you or your child been suffering with chronic eczema? Have you not got answers on why you have eczema and been left with creams that fix it for a moment – yet it always just comes back? We have successfully identified and treated the root cause of eczema for hundreds of patients just like you.

Today we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide to treating eczema for good – naturally.


1. Identify triggers of inflammation

Gut health and eczema are connected by the gut-skin axis. Essentially, this means the health of your gut can directly contribute to the development and severity of eczema. 

When you have a leaky gut, an imbalance of gut bugs (microbiome) or food intolerances this can directly increase whole-body inflammation and decrease how ‘strong’ your skin barrier is. When we have a weakened skin barrier this can cause the skin to dry, crack, become inflamed and potentially infected with eczema exacerbating bacteria.

Identifying sources of inflammation means we are addressing the root cause of the eczema. We do this through analysing your symptoms and health history in fine detail, using our comprehensive food intolerance testing and if needed a complete microbiome map – which looks at the entire health of the gut.


2. Correct nutrient deficiencies

Did you know 1 in 4 Australians are Vitamin D deficient? Did you also know Vitamin D is directly involved in reducing inflammation and is needed to keep skin integrity strong. Other nutrients like zinc and vitamin A are also needed to repair the barrier of the gut and reduce inflammation at a root level.

It’s important for a Naturopath to assess exactly what nutrients you need, because the type and dosage of nutrients could make or break your treatment. That’s why we have an incredible free service, where you can speak with a Naturopath over the phone and have therapeutic-grade supplements prescribed to you the same day. To book your free 15 minute phone call – click here.


3. Build your natural first-aid kit

At Mullen Health we have 30 years of clinical experience treating the root cause of all kinds of chronic health conditions including eczema. We know by the time you’ve booked an appointment with us, you’ve tried everything and just want to feel better. That’s why alongside treatment to address the root cause of your eczema we can also compound individualised herbal creams and specialised probiotics like Metagenics Ultra Flora LGG  that are effective in giving you the symptom relief you need.

Having a natural first-aid kit on hand alongside your treatment plan is the perfect combination to reversing eczema once-and-for-all, naturally!

If you’re ready to finally get to the bottom of your symptoms and move towards healed skin, book a consultation now by clicking here, or call our team on 02 4961 4075.

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