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A Herbalist is a qualified natural health practitioner working with herbal medicine to treat health conditions. Modern herbal medicine is based on traditional uses of plants that have been scientifically researched and are now evidence based. Our Newcastle herbalist holds a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in herbal medicine and is trained in physiology and diagnostics to be able to confidently prescribe indivdualised formulations of herbs. Part of the extensive education and certification to become an Herbalist is to also study the complex interactions of herbal medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, as herbal medicine can be just as potent as medication prescribed by a doctor.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Our Naturopaths at Mullen Health are trained in herbal medicine and use it alongside nutrition and lifestyle medicine to treat patients holistically. Our Naturopaths look at every person as completely unique and through this scope treat each individual as a whole. Through our patient centred approach, our Naturopaths use thorough case taking, physical examination and personalised targeted treatment plans to give each person the best outcome.

Herbal medicine can be uniquely formulated to suit a person’s specific health concerns, targeting not just one issue but many. With an experienced Herbalist; one herbal formula can be specifically formulated to treat multiple conditions, for example a personalised herbal blend can target both hormone imbalance and support the nervous system, minimising the amount of medicines required. 

Herbal medicine comes in many forms; capsules, tablets, powders, liquids and teas. Powders and liquids are more bioavailable, meaning they are more easily absorbed by the body as the digestive system does not need to break down, however capsules and tablets are still effective and for many are much more palatable and more convenient to take. It is always recommended that you take herbal medicine under the supervision of an experienced and qualified Herbalist, like our Naturopaths here at Mullen Natural Health, to accurately and safely prescribe and monitor you, however a simple way to try Herbal medicine at home is to brew yourself a cup of tea. Herbal teas can be particularly helpful to nourish the nervous system, help get you off to sleep and even support your detoxification system and herbal teas are a great entry point if you have never tried herbs before.

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