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A Nutritionist is a qualified natural health practitioner specifically trained in nutritional medicine. A Nutritionist uses food and lifestyle medicine alongside supplementation to treat a person. Formal education and training such as a bachelor’s degree is required for a Nutritionist to safely and accurately treat a person and an accreditation with a natural health association is required to practise. Unfortunately, many people today are taking nutrition advice from social media personalities, many of these people are not qualified to offer nutritional advice and there is a lot of misinformation circulating the internet making it difficult to simply eat healthy. A qualified Nutritionist uses science-based evidence and can discern between fact and fad, and when it comes to your health that is incredibly important!

What Does a Nutritionist Do?

A nutritionist understands what works for one person, probably isn’t going to work for the next. Through a comprehensive case taking process, our Newcastle Nutritionists treat each person as unique. Taking into account individual circumstances, nutrition recommendations are customised to suit a person’s specific needs. Dietary recommendations are realistic and sustainable and are targeted at helping a person achieve their goals without losing momentum. Our Nutritionists strive to help our clients to feel their very best, whilst also make positive health changes for the long term.

Supplementation also plays a big part in treatment as Nutritionists understand that in the 21st Century life is busy and our soil quality isn’t what it used to be, meaning the nutrient profile of food is severely lacking and if you’re a functioning person in this era you’re probably going to need some extra support. Nutritionists appreciate that modern life is stressful and sadly we may not be getting enough of our key supportive nutrients such as Magnesium, Zinc and B Vitamins (to name just a few!) from our food. That’s where supplementation comes in. Think of it as a helping hand, a supportive friend in a time of need. A little boost to keep you functioning at your best.

Our Newcastle Nutritionists

Our Naturopaths at Mullen Natural Health are also trained in nutrition, meaning they can effectively treat a person with nutrition and lifestyle medicine alongside herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation. Nutrition plays a foundational role in getting on top of health issues, without proper nutritional guidance, herbal medicine or a multivitamin will only do so much. Think of Mullen Naturopaths as being multi-skilled, able to provide the best possible care with a vast array of effective tools.

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