Peter Mullen

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist
Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association

Peter Mullen is a leading Integrative Naturopathic Practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience in helping his patients achieve their health goals. He offers a fantastic experience of Naturopathy, connecting with patients, getting great results and having patients for life.

If you’re sick and tired of not feeling like yourself — Peter can help. He specialises in solving complex and chronic health conditions, uncovering the hidden clues that many other practitioners overlook.

Peter provides each patient with an individual treatment plan using his in-depth knowledge of nutritional and herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle advice. He takes a holistic approach to health and is passionate about finding the underlying causes of diseases and getting his patients back to feeling their best.

Peter specialises in:

  • Solving complex health cases

  • Children’s health

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Stress, adrenal fatigue and anxiety/depression

  • Gut health

  • Allergies and food intolerances

  • Weight loss and body composition

Peter studied Naturopathy at the NSW College of Natural Therapies and has qualifications in Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Remedial Therapy and Natural Fertility Management. Peter is constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest health research, and is also an advanced Hemaview and Clot Retraction Test (Dry Blood) Practitioner.

Peter is extremely knowledgeable about the benefits of Naturopathy and how it can be used to enhance our lives and prevent disease. As well as leading the practice, he is a sought-after speaker, features on a weekly segment on 2NUR fm radio and is often called on by local media to share his knowledge and expert opinion on health issues.

Peter is a born and bred Novocastrian who created Mullen Natural Health Centre together with his wife Dayna. He has two grown-up kids, a cavoodle and a spoodle, and enjoys spending his spare time soaking up Newcastle’s beautiful coastline. Peter loves the gym and is an avid ocean swimmer, jumping in for a dip year round.

Fast Facts

Favourite time of the day?

Unwinding from the day at a yoga class.

Best health tip?

Get up and walk for 30 minutes, five mornings a week — and don’t forget to drink your 2 litres of filtered water every day.

Favourite supplement:

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — a powerful nutrient which helps improve detoxification via the liver. It helps boost glutathione levels in the brain, which reduces inflammation and oxidative stress — relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, addiction and more.

What do you never leave home without?

Swimmers, goggles, towel and a bottle of water!

Videos From Peter

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Kind Words From Peter’s Clients

“Getting my health under control with my naturopath THE Peter Mullen from Mullen Natrural Health Center in Newcastle.
I admit I was a bit starstuck during our appointment. He is a wealth of knowledge, and I think he is Australia’s best naturopath out there! ( this could be a fact? Haha)

I love GP doctors as well, don’t get me wrong they have their place. But I think a lot of what’s wrong with us these days can be helped naturally with vitamins, supplements and a healthy diet. Dr. Peter Mullen has been helping me get on the right track to fix certain health issues in my life, some that I’ve had for 14 years!
Gut issues, fatigued, mouth sores, anxiety etc should not be a part of your day to day life.
The ongoing support you get from Dr.Mullen as well is extraordinary! I’ve received emails of more tips and encouragement to continue on this road to recovery and healing. Also you can call and have more questions answered in between appointments. Did I mention appointments are 1 hour long, where he genuinely goes into detail with ALL your issues.
It’s not a quick 15 minute in and out kind of thing where you can’t even go in to details of your issues. There is genuine care and a want to see you improve naturally!
Dr Mullen is very thorough . His approach is not to just treat the symptoms of the issues but to get down to the root cause and understand why you’re experiencing the things you do . I appreciate not bandaiding problems but truly solving them.
If you live in the Newcastle area or even NSW, I highly highly recommend Mullen Natural Health Center!” ( Teryn)

“Peter Mullen is incredibly generous with his time, knowledgeable in his health field and super supportive of his patients. He has helped me immensely over the past 3 years and I am very grateful for his guidance and input into my health and wellbeing. Mary and Dayna at reception are lovely too and always remember everyone’s name. I highly recommend Mullens as an alternative to mainstream medical treatment, which failed me time and time again.” (WW,Newcastle)

“For years I had put up with constant headaches, nausea, tiredness, body aches & pains, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea & other health issues but my GP could find nothing “wrong” with me. So I thought ok well I must just be getting old. But I reached a point at the end of October, 2013 where I thought enough is enough. My health was deteriorating further & my weight had ballooned. I was 41 years old but felt at least 80 & honestly believed that I would not be in this world for much longer if I continued on this same path. So I commenced my journey to feel well again with my first appointment with Peter on the 6th November, 2013. I set off to my appointment with an open mind & a willingness to do whatever was needed to feel better again & from the moment I stepped through the door at Mullen Natural Health I knew I had made the right decision. Peter & his team were so welcoming & I immediately felt comfortable, at ease & like I had known them for years. Peter got straight down to diagnosing the underlaying reasons causing my health issues & put me on the path to helping my body heal & to function correctly. I was so relieved to finally have some answers & amazed that all I needed to do was make some dietary & lifestyle changes. At that first appointment I weighed in at almost 90kg & now 15 months later I am 63kg & to say I feel well again is an understatement. I feel absolutely amazing & like a completely different woman – full of energy & a joy for life & I actually feel young again! I am so grateful for the friendly professionalism, support, knowledge & guidance Peter & his team have given me throughout my journey & I could never thank them enough for helping me to regain my health & ultimately my life back.” (TB, Branxton)

“Peter was an integral part of my son’s life for a few years while getting his immune system operating to its optimum. Before seeing Peter my son was having episodes where he had up to one week off school and would lay on the lounge with no energy. Seeing Peter gave him every opportunity to reach his potential in all areas. His health is the best it has been in two years, his confidence has improved and he has done extremely well with his results in Year 12 and has now gone on to university. Peter was a mentor to my son. He enjoyed his regular visits to Peter and felt valued by him. With Peter’s help my son was able to gain some insight into his own health and well-being and knows that he still needs to look after himself. He is aware of his body’s limits and makes decisions accordingly. Thank you Peter for your wonderful work and commitment to my son.” (BP, Leichardt)

“Excellent, he listens to what I have to say, provides advice on what I should be doing based on my concerns and doesn’t rush you if you need to talk. Treats you as a person and not a number. “(Anonymous)

“I have been seen by Peter at both Singleton and Murray Street and have established a good rapport with him over those times. I am happy to report that I enjoy good health and have been supported in this by his choice of suitable supplements specific to my body’s requirements. My adverse comment has to do with the high price of supplements and consultation charges which are a challenge for me as a pensioner to meet sometimes.” (Mary)

“I saw Peter for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was immediately comfortable with chatting to him about all my heath concerns. He is so knowledgable and look forward to a continued journey together on achieving better health for myself.” (Megan)

“Goodaye, I’ve been helped by Peter for a long time and I am now retired but I started when I was having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) problems. Of course this will seem personal, but what is NOT personal about your health! After some help in both analysis of urine etc a blood test or two (including a live blood test) and mineral supplementation, I find myself feeling heaps better. So I got my beautiful wife to come in and the rest is history. I have my IBS under control, I have more energy and I still have regular checks with this wonderful man and all of his staff. You become part of the Mullen Health family and enjoy life more. Some of my friends have said things like “oh what a waste of time, why not just take a good vitamin pill daily, exercise, it’ll do the same thing?” Well I tried their advice for a while and guess what my symptoms returned, and so did I to Mullen Health. The amazing changes have been – clearer skin; no tummy bloating if I behave myself; advice on stress levels shown via him looking deeply into my eyes & saying OK this is showing etc through his Iridology expertise; general health via blood pressure and pulse checking AND keeping records to encourage or “chastise” when I’ve obviously been naughty. Anyway we are very happy with our care we get from Mullen Health.” (Allan)

“I have found Peter Mullen very caring and easy to speak to and he has looked after my husband and I for quite sometime and helped to keep us on the right track. Staff very helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend them” (Lydia)

“I have been seeing Peter for over 10 years and have always received the best care and knowledge on all subjects. He has helped me with my various health and no health problems Thank you to you and your staff. (Dianne)

“I have been seeing Peter for over 6 months to try and get my health and weight back on track.
I have found Peter and all the staff at Mullin Health very professional, extremely helpful, always encouraging and full of great information and tips .
I would highly recommend Peter and his team to anyone who has health concerns , or would just like extra information on maintaining their good health.” ( Bernadette)

“Peter has been helping with our family’s health and working on my children’s food intolerances for over a year now and we are seeing wonderful results after very limited answers from mainstream medicine. The supportive culture at Mullen Health is also something I value highly. Happy to recommend. ” (Peta)

“I started going to see Peter in October 2017 when I was really struggling with my health. He really listens to what you are saying and works through things with you. My health has improved so much under his care.” (Susan)

“Peter Mullen is very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. He has provided me with information that has been beneficial to my overall health and vitality. Highly recommend :)” (summer)

“Peter is fantastic, very easy to talk to and professional. Would highly recommend for someone who is looking for an option outside the normal medical health areas.” (Courtney)

“Peter is amazing and has been so supportive of me thru my journey, I’m very lucky to have found someone who is so knowledgeable and kind, highly recommended” (sammi)

“I have been seeing Peter mullen for nearly two years now and it has been the best decision I have done for my health and well-being .With an Autoimune disease and other health issues ,Peters advice on changing my diet and taking essential vitamins and minerals that were missing has had a massive effect on turning around my health.I feel better than I have in years.
The very informative free presentations held each month on lots of different health issues are fantastic and a great way to learn and pick up tips to help you on your journey.I highly recommend Mullen Health if your wanting to turn your health around.” (Cathy)

“I started seeing Peter many years ago for hayfever which was seriously impacting my ability to enjoy our great outdoors. Peters recommendations quickly assisted me to manage my hayfever, which I still do to this day when needed. I have seen Peter continually over the years and he has helped me maintain my general health and wellbeing. The staff are always friendly, and I love the cups of tea. I recommend Mullen Natural Health to anyone who cares about themselves or needs help with their health and wellbeing.” (sue)

“This place is a little treasure chest of amazing knowledge and fabulous service .Peter has helped me immensely. As I’ve been struggling with a thyroid condition where I have had a storm. Incredibly sick I have been. But with peters understanding and patience he has put me on a great program which has seen my levels slowly getting back to normal. I am incredibly grateful as I refused the normal medication from the doctors and opted the more natural way. Thanks guys” (Sylvia)

“Peter and his team make you feel so cared for in so many ways! I’ve been seeing Peter for just under 2 years now and I know he has a dedicated interest in my complete well being! I thoroughly enjoy my visits with Peter and always leave feeling supported, energized and with a strategy for better health!” (Rebecca)

“I can’t thank Peter Mullen enough for all that he has done for us. He has seen 3 members of my family including myself and shown incredible empathy and care where the medical system has failed. I highly recommend Peter and Mullen Health.” (Kellee)

“Peter is an absolute gentleman, very natural in his approach, I feel comfortable and safe with him, he doesn’t rush and listens to me, he is very informative and helpful and he obviously enjoys his work. I look forward to my next visit.” (Dianne)

“mullen health are amazing, always friendly, positive and patient. Peter Mullen treated my 9yo son and set him at ease immediately with his compassion, empathy and extensive knowledge. After years of health struggles my son finally got some reassurance and saw some results. I’d recommend Mullen health to anyone and everyone – you’re worth the best of health and this team will help you get there! ” (Ruth)

“Peter Mullen, his passion and dedication in sharing his vast knowledge in wholesome health for everyone” (Sharon)

“The reception staff are so warm and friendly! I instantly felt so comfortable and relaxed from my very first appointment. I’m impressed with Peter’s extensive knowledge and advice and look forward to discovering further improvements with my health and well being journey. Great team of staff. Highly recommend Mullen Natural Health Centre.” (Mimi)

“He has always been extremely helpful and is a wealth of knowledge in relation to his profession” (Anonymous)

“I would gladly recommend Peter to anyone, he listened and showed care to me and believed me when others didn’t, his level of compassion to me at a difficult time in my life will not be forgotten.” (Lynne)

“Staff are very knowledgeable, supportive and friendly. Peter explains things so thoroughly.” (Julie)

” I walked into Mullen Natural Health Centre 16 years ago and haven’t looked back. Peter’s knowledge in all things health and lifestyle have kept me in the best shape possible, and he’s done it with the sincerity of a friend. 5 stars from me!” (Emma)

“Wouldn’t be where I am today without Peters help. Beautiful staff” (Denise)

“Peter and staff have been aiding my health now for many years and it’s great to know that advice, support and encouragement is so readily available. There is so much out there in social media about health and diets etc and it’s good to know that Peter can debunk the myths and give genuine guidance. Thanks Peter” (Margaret)

“My mother in law Lois 91 has been coming to see Peter for years. He is very good with her and is very thorough. She is very healthy I put that down to seeing Peter. Mary is very welcoming and always ask if you would like a herbal tea. I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” (Tanya)

“Amazing team. With Peters support and guidance we managed to get me through some tough medical issues. And through his care we had a healthy miracle baby. Highly recommend Peter and his team”

“I have been a Client of Peter’s for 13 years now. Peter and his Team are wonderful. Easy to chat to and very helpful. I always look forward to my appointments with Peter.” (Kerrie)

“Thank you to Peter and his team, I feel very positive as Peter fully explains the treatments and what will be achieved. I am very consistent taking the medications so the treatments will work.” (Trish)

“Peter’s prescribing and professional advice has made me feel like a new person and further confirmed my beliefs in the healing power of nature! Thank you very much Mullen Natural Health Centre” (Jay)
” We love going to Mullen’s Health. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. The waiting room is not cluttered, and smells lovely. We see Peter, he is very helpful, shows interest in the whole family, he explains things and listens to our thoughts and concerns.” (Edie)
“5 stars from me and that was from my initial appointment! Peter is a lovely fellow and certainly knows his stuff. The other staff are very welcoming and professional, I look forward to my next appointment.” (Kylie)
“We have been with Peter Mullen for a number of years now and thank Peter for our good health and looking after us. Thanks Peter ” (Cliff)
“Pete and the team are fabulous. I have been seeing Pete for a few months now in relation to an ongoing gut health issue and with his input, recommended diet and health supplements I have been free of any further and ongoing issues. Haven’t felt this good in years.” (Chris)
“I’ve been suffering with heart, lung, sternum and rib inflammation since being vaccinated. After 2 months of chronic pain a friend recommended that I should go and see Peter. To say that he has changed my life is an absolute understatement. When my lovely GP had nowhere for me to turn and the emergency department kept telling me to stay vigilant and permanently on nurofen (that didn’t seem to work), Peter found a way to provide me true relief. I’m no longer scared of how long this healing journey will take as I know Peter and his team are there to help me get through it in the beat shape that I can be.” (Rebecca)
“My initial consultation with Peter was a life changing experience for me and I am well on my way to achieving good gut health and my diet is now so much healthier. I have had my follow-up appointment and am so motivated now.” (Alana)
“Incredible people at Mullen health!
Had my first consultation with Peter and honestly have so much guidance now moving forward. Lots of great advice that will work well with my body. Can’t wait to see results in the future!” (Jhaydene)

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