We do our best to make every experience here at Mullen Natural Health Centre informative, effortless and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on providing the latest and most comprehensive natural health care, but don’t take our word for it, read through some of the lovely things our patients have said about us!


* The Naturopaths and the reception team are amazing. Knowledgeable non judgemental highly recommended


* Love going to see My Naturoptah! His knowledge and insight are great and he is helping on my journey to great health!


* I’m loving seeing Natalie Koshka who is helping me with my weight loss
Natalie is very knowledgeable on this subject and has been able to help me understand this program so much easier and because of that I am on week 6 and have lost 10.4kgI fully recommend this clinic to anyone who wants better health  Thanks for turning my life around Natalie 💕💕


* I am really pleased I chose Mullen Health to sort out health issues I have suffered through for years. Slowly but surely David is bringing me back to normalcy. The future looks positive!


* Lovely, friendly welcome with each appointment. Really appreciated the flexibility with a phone appointment when my car was out of action. Amanda is so supportive and knowledgeable. The products/treatments have helped me improve my sleep and hot flushes very quickly.


* I recently attended a talk on healthy hormones run by the Naturopath at Mullens Health and it was fantastic. It tapped into ancient wisdom in women’s health, seasonal changes, moon cycles etc which was truly fascinating. It also focused on the stresses women face in modern day society, how modern world effects your health and what you can do day-to-day to maintain balance. I learnt alot! Thank you for the great evening and looking forward to the next one.


* I am so happy to have found such a wonderful, down to earth Naturopath who is so easy to talk to. Peter has given me the confidence and knowledge now to take control of my own health now. I’m glad I have Peter there to ask any questions any time. Thanks Peter for starting me on my journey to good health


* I attended a great talk on healthy hormones just recently. Was very informative and great information provided. Thanks Mullen Natural Health Centre 


* Went to a really good talk about hormone health. Would definitely like to check out the clinic and attend more talks in future


* Friendly and helpful reception staff, amazing Naturopath’s! I see Kate and she is fantastic. Successful treatment resulting in a positive health improvement.


* I have been coming to Mullen Health for some years. My Naturoptah has helped me recover from my first pregnancy and prepare for my 2nd pregnancy and then postpartum. My second child is now 2 and I have recently come back for some general health and well-being supplements. She has always been very helpful and understanding- she understands just how life is as a wife and mother and doesn’t complicate my healthcare. She even diagnosed my iron malabsorption condition during pregnancy and with the help of practitioner own products I was able to maintain my levels during pregnancy- something my gp and obstetric team were unable to do for me. I would highly recommend and have some so in the past the Mullen Health team. I recently recommended MH to a friend who had been trying to conceive for 7 years and she is now expecting a little boy very soon.


* I am new to Mullen Health and my experience has been fantastic so far. Greeted with a smile and cup of tea every time I go and the knowledge my practitioner is giving me is exactly what I’m after. Would highly recommend


* How can I tell everyone why I use Mullen Natural Health?    They have great supplements; only test you when we need it; their staff are always smiling & even when I’m not; they keep up to date with changes in the human species; in trends that are not correct but are advertising info on foods that are really NOT good for you; they don’t badger you and when you have been going there for the years that my wife & I have, you get a joke even!   Again, Peters’ testing & supplementation, advice for me have almost eliminated my IBS.   So go and see for yourself, you will be greeted as a friend & get an honest assessment that you may or may not like, but it’s honest and it will be about just you.


* My Naturopath is great, not only for me but has provided health advice to my immediate family & a few members of my extended family. Her recommendation for my daughter’s skin infection was just a miracle & identified things for her to assist long term.


* Getting my health under control with my naturopath THE Peter Mullen from Mullen Natrural Health Center in Newcastle.
I admit I was a bit starstuck during our appointment. He is a wealth of knowledge, and I think he is Australia’s best naturopath out there! ( this could be a fact? Haha)

I love GP doctors as well, don’t get me wrong they have their place. But I think a lot of what’s wrong with us these days can be helped naturally with vitamins, supplements and a healthy diet. Dr. Peter Mullen has been helping me get on the right track to fix certain health issues in my life, some that I’ve had for 14 years!
Gut issues, fatigued, mouth sores, anxiety etc should not be a part of your day to day life.
The ongoing support you get from Dr.Mullen as well is extraordinary! I’ve received emails of more tips and encouragement to continue on this road to recovery and healing. Also you can call and have more questions answered in between appointments. Did I mention appointments are 1 hour long, where he genuinely goes into detail with ALL your issues.
It’s not a quick 15 minute in and out kind of thing where you can’t even go in to details of your issues. There is genuine care and a want to see you improve naturally!
Dr Mullen is very thorough . His approach is not to just treat the symptoms of the issues but to get down to the root cause and understand why you’re experiencing the things you do . I appreciate not bandaiding problems but truly solving them.
If you live in the Newcastle area or even NSW, I highly highly recommend Mullen Natural Health Center!


* Peter, Hannah & all the staff were Great! Friendly, Informative, Professional & Welcoming. My next appointment is prompt so I am very happy. Cheers


* I saw a naturopath for the first time this year I wished I had done it sooner my Naturopath is amazing friendly great advice supportive to goals and wellbeing I was worried about coming and he made it all worthwhile by providing me the best solution to what I needed to help me feel back on top. Love my boosts with him and gaining the results we set out to achieve with his support.


* I hadn’t been to a naturopath previously and I finally felt like my concerns were being heard and addressed instead of being told ‘it must be a virus’. The follow up communication is fantastic and to be able to ask questions and query about any concerns is refreshing.


* Thanks Mullen Health. You have changed my life along with the recommended products.
Thankyou for working alongside me to improve my life and health. With Mullen health I have regained healthy cholesterol,sleep and mood is now balanced.
I recommend Mullen health to all my family and friends.


*i attended the recent discussion on thyroid health. It was very enlightening .
it shows how much of our body the thyroid affects.I have started using natural products to help with mine.


*I’m seeing Peter Mullen for my health. I’m finding the testing to be comprehensive, the protocol is extensive, valuable and easy to follow. They will work within your needs both health and financially. The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are friendly and helpful. After years of studying natural health and seeing 50 Billion practitioners (only a slight exaggeration). It’s the best health experience I’ve had in 20 years. Feeling hopeful.


* The entire business practices used in the Mullen Natural Health Centre are totally professional and have not been able to find fault at all throughout any of my visits. Thank you for being so professional as I appreciate and understand good business practices


* The reception staff are so warm and friendly! I instantly felt so comfortable and relaxed from my very first appointment. I’m impressed with Peter’s extensive knowledge and advice and look forward to discovering further improvements with my health and well being journey. Great team of staff. Highly recommend Mullen Natural Health Centre.


* I attended the Cancer Talk presented by Mullen Health last week. His presentation covered all aspects of general health but focused on Cancer preventative measures as well as looking after the body during and after treatment. While I found it confronting, I came away determined to make some changes to my lifestyle, which I have already started putting into place. It was presented in a style that was easy to take in and was very informative.


* Thanks for opening my eyes to new avenues of healing. This talk gave me a whole new insight into how I might be able to fix my digestive problems. Thanks so much for an interesting and informative evening.


* Thanks for opening my eyes to new avenues of healing. This talk gave me a whole new insight into how I might be able to fix my digestive problems. Thanks so much for an interesting and informative evening.


* My husband and I attended the presentation on gut health and since that presentation I have been to the clinic for an appointment and found the advice most helpful. My husband has an appointment to discuss health issues too. So I am very happy and satisfied with the advice provided to date and looking forward to a healthier lifestyle with the changes I am making. Thank you to Peter Mullins and his friendly professional team


* Peter Mullen, his passion and dedication in sharing his vast knowledge in wholesome health for everyone


* Thanks for opening my eyes to new avenues of healing. Your talk about Gut Health & fermenting gave me a whole new insight into how I might be able to fix my digestive problems. Thanks so much for an interesting and informative evening.

Julia- Ann

* I have been a client at Mullens for a while now and I’m always happy with the fabulous service and I love that my practitioner listens to me and understands that sometimes it’s hard for us to get on track with our health ..but always gives good advice and encouragement. I always feel good after my consultation and inspired to stay on track .


* I went to many doctors and practioners before going to mullen health. I have been seeing david for my thyroid and it has now returned to total balance. Whats good about him is that he looks at the entire package of you. This is good because drs couldnt diagnose me or anything because there was a lot of different things wrong with me. He broke it down and is helping me on my way.


* I can’t quite express how grateful I am for my Naturopaths genuine care, concern & on going support. She has equipped me with so many resources & tools to assist me through my treatment journey, making it far easy to follow/implement. I’m very happy with the results we’ve achieved so far (particularly regarding anxiety) & I have no doubt things will continue to improve in the coming weeks/months.


* The first time I have had someone willing to explore & treat the cause of my condition not just the symptoms & I am exceedingly grateful.


*  Always do a great job. I see Kate and she is always there to listen and help. Thanks


* Very helpful welcoming reception with a cup of delicious herbal tea on arrival, great experience every time I have visited the wholesome centre


* I had my first consult with my Naturopath today and she was amazing!! the staff are beautiful and everyone makes you feel so welcome!! I’m excited for my next chapter. thank you


* I really like Mullen Health very professional staff are all lovely and caring. You also get offered a yummy cup of herbal tea on arrival. I saw my Naturopath this week as was feeling not well after my doctors saying everything was ok. He explained everything in detail to me really well after getting some supplement I am starting to feel much better.


* Upon walking into Mullen Natural Health, you instantly feel calm and are greated by a warm, friendly smile, offering you some tea. The whole team at Mullen can’t seem to do enough and are always so happy and willing to help in any way they can. The Naturopaths there have a vast knowledge of the human body and take their time in explaining anything you need to know. I would highly recommend a visit to get your health to an optimal state!


*  mullen health are amazing, always friendly, positive and patient. Peter Mullen treated my 9yo son and set him at ease immediately with his compassion, empathy and extensive knowledge. After years of health struggles my son finally got some reassurance and saw some results. I’d recommend Mullen health to anyone and everyone – you’re worth the best of health and this team will help you get there!


* I recently attended a Mullen Health seminar being hosted by Peter Mullen and i learnt a lot. I’ve been given some different avenues to try with my anxiety. Glad i went along, worth my while.


* Wonderful and friendly staff that make you feel so welcome! Very insightful and detailed care that leaves you feeling more informed with your questions answered thoroughly. Also such a calm and relaxing environment to enter into 


* The team is always friendly and efficient, and always looking out for their clients health and needs. I love that my naturopath actually takes the time to inform me on what I’d actually happening inside my body rather than going to a GP and they just prescribe you with a medicine to “fix” the issue. This clinic is great!


* The care and service is fantastic. I have been constantly amazed by what I have found out about my thyroid condition and how it can be helped by natural therapies


* I’ve been to going to Mullen health and have never felt so good .Peter and staff are briliant and true caring professionals .A big thumbs up from me


* Peter Mullen gave an outstanding talk on stress and adrenal fatigue. He has an approachable manner which is invaluable in health practitioners!


*  What a wholesome experience of visiting Mullen Natural Health Centre!

Welcoming beautiful staff, herbal tea upon arrival, highly knowledgeable practitioners, clean and calm clinic environment and a range of resources and products to support overall wellness!

I highly recommend this clinic


* Very thorough service, feel like I’m getting to the root of my health problems and in good hands.


* Amazing team at Mullen Health. My Naturopath has helped my family over the years with a multiple range of health aspects. She is the gut health guru!!


*  Very thorough service, feel like I’m getting to the root of my health problems and in good hands.


* It is evident that the staff care about their patients at Mullen Natural Health. Peter made me feel comfortable and supported during my consultation. I received great advice and I will be happy to return.


*Three weeks in and I’m already feeling better!

My gut is healing and I can’t wait to see how I feel in another three weeks!


* I can’t recommend Mullen Health highly enough. I came to them with a number of health concerns and the advice and support I have been given already has me feeling significantly better in just 4 weeks. The staff are so knowledgeable and understanding.


* Peter is an absolute gentleman, very natural in his approach, I feel comfortable and safe with him, he doesn’t rush and listens to me, he is very informative and helpful and he obviously enjoys his work. I look forward to my next visit.


* Been seeing a Naturopath about my many issues with cholesterol, and polymyalgia which the drugs I am prescribed caused me to become type 2 diabetic, I have since been able to get off 2 of the drugs I was on and my blood sugars are back to near normal. Not cured yet but healthier than I was when on the drugs.


* I been seeing Peter for awhile now. Really happy with my results. Thanks Peter. I have found the staff extremely helpful.


* I have been seeing a Naturopath lately for help with my gut health and a few other issues, I was so overwhelmed with the treatment and diagnosis I have received and feel very happy they have got me on on track and feeling so much better already. In between appointments I receive emails and support from  team at Mullen health.
It’s a very warm friendly atmosphere i would most definitely recommend Mullen health to anyone


* I can’t thank Peter Mullen enough for all that he has done for us. He has seen 3 members of my family including myself and shown incredible empathy and care where the medical system has failed. I highly recommend Peter and Mullen Health.


* Love Mullen Health, service is fantastic, it works!!

After being told by GP’s “you won’t have children” we went to Mullen Health… a few months later we were expecting our first.

Struggling again , we went back to Mullen health and we then fell pregnant with our second.

Our son was having problems with skin, reoccurring colds, and bowl movements as a baby… we took him to mullen health to discover he had many food intolerances. A few changes and he improved.

Our daughter was waking multiple times a night. Up to 15-20 times some nights. Peter recommended a few supplements and she now only wakes once.

Mullen health doesn’t cover up your bodies weak areas like GP’s… they find the reason and help you fix it.

Will always recommend.


* I have been seeing my Naturopath for about 8 months. She is a very compassionate person who really takes the time to listen and who is providing me with much needed support back to better health. I look forward to and enjoy my appointments and am really noticing an improvement with the issues she is helping me with I highly recommend her


* Peter and his team make you feel so cared for in so many ways! I’ve been seeing Peter for just under 2 years now and I know he has a dedicated interest in my complete well being! I thoroughly enjoy my visits with Peter and always leave feeling supported, energized and with a strategy for better health!


* This place is a little treasure chest of amazing knowledge and fabulous service .Peter has helped me immensely. As I’ve been struggling with a thyroid condition where I have had a storm. Incredibly sick I have been. But with peters understanding and patience he has put me on a great program which has seen my levels slowly getting back to normal. I am incredibly grateful as I refused the normal medication from the doctors and opted the more natural way. Thanks guys


* I attended tonight’s meeting about thyroid health all I can say is it was great…. very informative I would highly recommend it to anyone with concerns about their thyroid.


* Thank you Mullen Health for the positive energy you bring into my life. I always feel welcomed and content when visiting your practice – from my arrival cup of tea, to my chats with the lovely front desk staff and consults , you do a beautiful job of making the world a better place. Thank you.


* Ten kilo weight loss, lower hypertension thanks to you guys!!!!


* This centre has helped my health, nutrition and well being very much. I would recommend this business for anyone interested.


* My daughter and I are both relatively new with Mullen Health. This journey is new to us but looking forward to results to come. All staff are very welcoming at Mullen Health and able to assist.


* I want to thank the staff and naturopaths at the centre for the fantastic help they are providing me for a greater understanding of my health and well being.


* The staff were very helpful and the Naturopath was a great help to my husband, giving him excellent advice of what to do with his energy levels. Highly recommended


* Mullen Health has been incredible for me and my health concerns. I started out with wanting to understand what food intolerance I might have and have helped me not only understand digestive health but also how other areas such as stress and lifestyle can tie in together for my overall health. The staff are knowledgeable and super friendly. 100% would recommend.


* I regularly go to the Mullen’s Clinic Information nights each month. Peter and his staff know their subjects and treatments very well. I would definitely recommend them as a very well, run and professional Naturopathic clinic. Hopefully I’ll work there one day.


* I’ve been so happy with the support and professionalism from everyone at Mullen natural health, highly recommended!


* Thank you kate for your professionalism and care in our consultation. Your service and time is appreciated.


* Would highly recommend Mullen Health.
Peter and the staff are caring and always willing to listen and help. Thankyou from a very happy and healthy customer.


* (Gut talk) Brilliant night. So informative. Kate was amazing with receipe for Kombucha tea. Visit Mullen’s Health Centre.


* I started going to Mullen Health in December 2017 in order to get to the root cause of my thyroid and hormone imbalance issues. My Naturopath (and all of the staff) have been extremely understanding and compassionate with me and while it’s early days, I’m feeling very positive about this journey. My only reason for not giving five stars is that it has stretched my finances more than I expected, but I’m sure this will taper off once I don’t need to take so many supplements.


* The information was very helpful. Friendly and approachable staff. Have booked in for a consultation. Have used some great advice and I am brewing my first kombucha!


* I have been coming to Mullen Health for many years now (sure beats seeing a GP) and I mainly visit for health maintenance and well being now . They have helped me get through many issues, firstly for immune system and stress which I was so relieved to finally see results to fix ongoing issues. All the staff at Mullen Health couldn’t be more helpful and always greet with a kind smile. Highly recommend Mullen Health.


* They could not be more helpful. They know their stuff and are willing to share….


* I started seeing Peter many years ago for hayfever which was seriously impacting my ability to enjoy our great outdoors. Peters recommendations quickly assisted me to manage my hayfever, which I still do to this day when needed. I have seen Peter continually over the years and he has helped me maintain my general health and wellbeing. The staff are always friendly, and I love the cups of tea. I recommend Mullen Natural Health to anyone who cares about themselves or needs help with their health and wellbeing.


* I couldn’t be happier to have found my therapist. Her approach to treatment is caring, professional, very thorough and takes into account what works with my situation (physically, lifestyle-wise, emotionally, financially..) as well as referencing my past, current and desired future health and well-being status. Thank you!


*My Naturopath had no idea he would be practisicing psychiatry when he took me on and I believe its been an uphill battle for him. But thanks to him I still don’t have cancer and i’m not in a mental asylum.


* I have been seen by Peter at both Singleton and Murray Street and have established a good rapport with him over those times. I am happy to report that I enjoy good health and have been supported in this by his choice of suitable supplements specific to my body’s requirements. My adverse comment has to do with the high price of supplements and consultation charges which are a challenge for me as a pensioner to meet sometimes.


* I saw Peter for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was immediately comfortable with chatting to him about all my heath concerns. He is so knowledgable and look forward to a continued journey together on achieving better health for myself.


* Goodaye, I’ve been helped by Peter for a long time and I am now retired but I started when I was having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) problems. Of course this will seem personal, but what is NOT personal about your health! After some help in both analysis of urine etc a blood test or two (including a live blood test) and mineral supplementation, I find myself feeling heaps better. So I got my beautiful wife to come in and the rest is history. I have my IBS under control, I have more energy and I still have regular checks with this wonderful man and all of his staff. You become part of the Mullen Health family and enjoy life more. Some of my friends have said things like “oh what a waste of time, why not just take a good vitamin pill daily, exercise, it’ll do the same thing?” Well I tried their advice for a while and guess what my symptoms returned, and so did I to Mullen Health. The amazing changes have been – clearer skin; no tummy bloating if I behave myself; advice on stress levels shown via him looking deeply into my eyes & saying OK this is showing etc through his Iridology expertise; general health via blood pressure and pulse checking AND keeping records to encourage or “chastise” when I’ve obviously been naughty. Anyway we are very happy with our care we get from Mullen Health.


* I’ve been so happy with the support and professionalism from everyone at Mullen natural health, highly recommended!


* I made an appointment about 2 years ago to see a naturopath about concerns I had after having my gallbladder removed. I was struggling with weight gain and gut problems. He has put my life back on track even though I am still a work in progress. He keeps me on track with my weight and healthy life style. The staff at Mullens health are wonderful.


* I have found Peter Mullen very caring and easy to speak to and he has looked after my husband and I for quite sometime and helped to keep us on the right track. Staff very helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend them


* I have been seeing Peter for over 10 years and have always received the best care and knowledge on all subjects. He has helped me with my various health and no health problems Thank you to you and your staff.


* I’ve been coming here for years and recommend highly. Peter is great, but all staff are very friendly and professional.


* I have been seeing Peter for over 6 months to try and get my health and weight back on track.
I have found Peter and all the staff at Mullin Health very professional, extremely helpful, always encouraging and full of great information and tips .
I would highly recommend Peter and his team to anyone who has health concerns , or would just like extra information on maintaining their good health.


* Friendly and attentive staff made my daughter and I feel welcomed and important. This practice came highly recommended to me and I am looking foward to seeing some positive results and an ongoing relationship through our healing journey.


* Peter has been helping with our family’s health and working on my children’s food intolerances for over a year now and we are seeing wonderful results after very limited answers from mainstream medicine. The supportive culture at Mullen Health is also something I value highly. Happy to recommend.


* Life changing! My gut had pretty much given up on me when I first visited. After only roughly 5 months the improvement to my overall health and well-being has been amazing! I’ve learnt so much as well!

Jamie- lee

* I have been a client of Mullens for over 12 months now. As someone that suffers with chronic illness the transformation in my health has been nothing short of incredible. Kate along with the team have provided me with all the support I have needed to turn my health around. I will be forever grateful for their care and guidance.


* When I was introduced to Mullen Health 2 years ago I was really struggling. I had been through several health care practitioners and was still not getting any better. On meeting my Naturopath I immediately felt at ease and over the last 2 years I have felt so comfortable and confident having him help me on my health journey. Words can’t explain what a relief it was to know he was there. I’m happy to say with the tools and advice he’s provided, I’m feeling better than ever. A review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the lovely staff at the front desk. Each one of them is so kind, patient & understanding and nothing is ever too much trouble. The delicious tea on arrival is amazing too. Thanks so much to the whole team at Mullen Health! I’d highly recommend them.


* Natural Remedies for Kids Health Talk excellent and inspiring! Have implemented a Children’s Zinc Supplement daily for my 7 year old and it seems to be increasing his appetite. And hopefully he’ll be willing to try more different types of food as you had suggested. Started Children’s Probiotics and trying a different Children’s Fish Oil – for overall health & immune and the Fish Oil for Behaviour. Again seems to be working better. Has been able to avoid sickness doing the rounds at school and seems to be a little easier to reason with and willing to try to improve behaviour. Excellent talk!!


* Mullen Heath has absolutely changed my life. I have been working with her for about 9 months now on my multiple sclerosis and the difference is profound. She has educated me on my health, helped me change my diet, helped me get off all my medications and get control of my life again. I will be forever grateful for my experience working with her and working on my health and cannot recommend her and the Mullen Health team enough


* I started going to see Peter in October 2017 when I was really struggling with my health. He really listens to what you are saying and works through things with you. My health has improved so much under his care.


* Very friendly, super helpful and full of great ideas and advice


* This is such a great health centre all the staff are so beautiful & kind. I would highly recommend Peter & several of the other natropaths here to assist with your health journey.
There free info sessions are well worth the time to gain some informative techniques in so many health topics.
An amazing practice


* I first visited Mullen Health about 6mths ago. I can not recommended them enough! Getting your health and vitality back on track isn’t a quick process but I feel with Mullen Health there is light at the end of the tunnel!


* Great service! Staff are lovely and very thorough consultations.


* Getting to the real issues is impressing me. Looking forward to an improved health outcome!


* I came to Mullen Health 4 years ago for my problem gut and was amazed at how well I felt after following their advice. I’m seeing a Naturopath now for a checkup and reset and am really impressed with the knowledge and advice given. The girls at reception are lovely and always do their best to answer questions and help when needed. I would recommend Mullen Health to anyone who cares about the health of their body.


* I highly recommend people to Mullen Health for support and advice on an integrated approach to your own health and well being.


* I have been following a program for gut health and energy provided by Mullen Health and can see a big improvement already. The team are so lovely and knowledgeable. The waiting room environment is calm and relaxing and the cup of complimentary herbal tea is always refreshing. I would definitely recommend seeing Mullen Health Center


* After suffering with IBS for over 25 years with little suggestions or help from doctors I sought assistance from Mullen Natural Health Centre. They have treated me with compassion and understanding and with the therapies he has devised for me I am well on my way to improved gut health. My pain has subsided and energy levels have mostly returned. I would recommend giving Mullen Health a call should you need help with regaining your health and also life back.


* Peter Mullen is very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. He has provided me with information that has been beneficial to my overall health and vitality. Highly recommend 🙂


* Brilliant practice with excellent staff. My Naturopath is a very knowledgeable natro who has lead me to a 24kg weight loss so far & a massive change in my general health.
Strongly recommend this practice.


* Peter is fantastic, very easy to talk to and professional. Would highly recommend for someone who is looking for an option outside the normal medical health areas.


Always excellent service and great care – the team have helped me feel amazing and full of life


* Mullen’s have helped my health to improve majorly!! I feel better and have lots more energy.


* Peter is always helpful, understanding and supportive of my goals


* I’ve been really blessed by the support and help the centre has given me! My health is improving which is exciting!


* Great service and care. Latest technology used to ensure the best diagnosis


* Great people. Great advice. 10 ‘s. make an appointment today


* I needed to get my health & vitality back on track so decided to see  Mullen health in January. It was a great move and I am already feeling much better. I would recommend Mullen health to anyone who wants to feel better and be healthy.


* have been going to Mullen Health for about a month now and I am losing weight and feeling a lot better than when first came in. Thank you I am looking forward to a lot more weight loss and feeling like a brand new me 😊😊😊😊😊👍


* I have been coming here for some time now and can not recommend the Centre highly enough. Great staff, service and advice and very friendly atmosphere. I have never felt better.


* Peter and his team are sensational at Mullen health! I Highly recommend!


* I have been going to Peter for 18 years. He has always been professioal and caring. Mary is a delight and 18 years on They are not only my Naturopath but good friends.


* Peter is amazing and has been so supportive of me thru my journey, I’m very lucky to have found someone who is so knowledgeable and kind, highly recommended


* I found a visit with the Natropaths to be quite benefitial and the Lovely staff to be most helpful


* I have been visiting Mullen Health for about a month or so now, and it’s been so great learning about my gut health and healing naturally � I owe my improved energy and health to them! Thank you!


* Great initial consult. Very balanced, they don’t oversell. Very interesting health analysis through your eye ‘rings’ that rang true for me!


* Lots of valuable information passes on…. well worth attending the seminars!


* Can’t express enough praise all the staff at Mullen Natural Health. Making big life changes everyday!


* The staff are always pleasant and happy to help.When I am not feeling well I know help is only a phone call away. I have recommended Mullen’s Health to my friends and family. Keep up the good work.☺


* Peter and his team at Mullen health are sensational! Always happy to help you, I have learnt a lot about natural health since coming here. Highly recommend!


* Staff are fantastic and knowledgeable. Definitely feeling the results.


* I attended a recent free talk event and thoroughly enjoyed it! Very informative, easy to understand and I learned so many new tips and tricks. Staff are brilliant, very warm and approachable, highly recommend to everyone!


* The Healthy Habits challenge started off as just that. … a challenge. But after 3 weeks of delicious eating I was inspired to keep going and so I have. My husband even joined in too.
We feel lighter and brighter and have a spring in our step.
Honestly I don’t have the cravings I used to. And 2 squares of the lovely organic🌼 pana chocolate is a much more satisfying treat than the processed biscuits I used to eat.
I am so glad I heard you talk that day on 2NUR it was just the wake up call I needed, Thanks Peter *


* I want to thank Peter and the team at Mullen Health for all the fabulous support over the health habits challenge.
It has definitely reset my eating habits (which were a bit off track before hand )and set me on my way again for the future.
My biggest challenge was planning meals for for my family that are shift workers and sitting down together at least twice a week to eat together when possible.
With the choices and support with recipes on the plan we all found a meal that we all enjoyed together and they could take with them to work.
Brown lentils with zucchini noodles was a hit and so easy to put together and the home made hummus with Almond meal pikelets topped with tomato ,red onion,fresh basil and olive oil was a good snack .
I found the juicing 🥒🥕🍏🍋was a challenge but managed it with some vegetable soup ,and my portion sizes have reduced.
I am feeling great and are ready to continue this journey with keeping up the exercise I enjoy 🏊‍♀️ and having more time for just me !! *

* I attended the Gut Health and Fermentation Demonstration last night (10 Oct), thank you to Peter and all staff for presenting clear information on gut health, and loved the Fermentation, looking forward to doing my own, great night *


*  I have really loved the support and inspiration throughout this challenge. Thank you Peter for running this challenge. If I can do a detox through the school holidays I can eat well anytime – I’m proof!! *


* I can’t say I feel any better physically but mentally I certainly do. Two weeks without wine, no dessert, no bikkies with coffee and back to portion control, I havent really missed any of it, I know that I can do without, that’s a big thing for me. Thanks Peter and the team! I am ontrack! *


* Thank you Peter and your team for organising the challenge and for all your support. Those two weeks just flew by! I’m planning to keep many of the new habits, especially juicing, limiting caffeine and alcohol and my night before food prep.
Hubby says that it greatly improved his neuropathy which is wonderful! I feel so much better, too.
Thank you also to the community of people who posted and commented on everyone’s posts. Hope you have all had a lovely long weekend. *


* Thank you Peter & Team for providing us with such a great challenge! The benefits that happened for my partner and I were – weight reduction (2.5kg each), clearer thinking, more motivation to exercise & walk more, found we now love juicing & will continue to do a juice detox 2 days a week as well as bone broth daily. The support we received during this time was very much appreciated. Thank you! *


* I was at the Healthy Habits Challenge information night and found that it was very informative and struck a few chords with me in what I should be doing to improve my health. I started the Healthy Habits Challenge and this being the second week I have found it easy to try and a variety of suggested meals which are delicious. Thank you to Mullen Health team they have been excellent and very helpful. *


* Best thing I have done for my health was to see a Naturopath, she has been wonderful in turning my life around. I have had autoimmune diseases for the best part of 18 years, treated with a cocktail of toxic drugs, after going to Mullen Health for only a little while, I am drug free, treated with diet and functional treatment. I feel better than I have in 20 years. All of the staff are awesome, can’t help enough.


* I attended a talk last night on Managing stress & Adrenal fatigue naturally by Peter Mullen, it was fantastic! As a 22 year old i found the session very informative and easy to follow as I had little knowledge on the topic. I was also able to receive a free Iridology check at the end of the session which was an amazing experience to see just how well they were able to determine the current state of my health and my emotional and behavioral triggers all from my eye colour and patterns. Extremely fascinating! I am looking forward to making an appointment with Mullen Health Care Centre to try and improve my health and stop my unhealthy habits with a Centre that genuinely seems to care and are excited to see improvements in their clients. It also has helped me financially to make my first appointment by receiving $30 off for attending last nights free session.


*  I feel really good after the cleanse and hope to use it as a guide up to Christmas and may go on it again in the New Year to reset… I hope now that I dont snack at night anymore (hubby is a snacker) and keep caffeine out or at least minimise intake (new love for honey rooibos tea).. and now I love juicing !!!! My portion size is smaller, I am smaller too ..win win 💥🤗💥🤗will miss you guys…its been nice to see everyones lovely creations *


* I had the pleasure of having a Naturopath appointment. She is a great practitioner. She is understanding of my busy schedule and does not complicate my healthcare. She has designed a plan for me and explained it thoroughly, and has kept it simple as not to over complicate my already busy life. She pays particular attention to women’s needs and provided my almost 2 year old with some entertainment during my visit.


* Peter has been very helpful and his treatment has been able to get me through some very hard times.


* Peter and his staff are professionals in their field. Each member has a role to play in your visit / consultation making it a relaxed and stress free time. Peter explains the result of your test and the benifits of naturopathy to your lifestyle in plain understandable english. Peter allows for your input in designing a health plan with you. A note to be aware of, because of Peter’s throughness appointments can run over their allotted time . You may need to adjust your life to allow you the full benifits of a trip to Mullen Natural Health Centre


* Mullen Health are absolutely wonderful!! They are all so wise, but you leave feeling empowered rather then overwhelmed! They make you want to live the healthiest natural life as possible.


* Over the past 30 yrs I have tried different naturopaths in various stages of my health & well being. Peter Mullen’s crew is the ONLY naturopaths that have the knowledge & resources to make sense of it

TH (Bolwarra)

* Kate’s talk ‘Scary Truth about Sugar & Carbs’ was amazing! So much info you just don’t hear day to day. I walked away thinking about little changes I could make to my diet & especially for my kids. Feeling very empowered


* Peter and his team offer a brilliant holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing!
When we walk in the door of Mullen Health, the staff go out of their way to greet and welcome us along with showing a genuine caring attitude.
I have recommended Mullen Health to countless people and every time I do I’m reminded why as my friends and family are just as pleased as I am!
Appointments, supplements, health seminars and recommended books and food products are all absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended �

LM (Charlestown)

* (Sugar and Carbs Talk) Great talk, very informative. Gave indepth details about the process of carbs turning into sugars, the harm sugars cause etc. The fact that sugar is more addictive than heroine is pretty scary for the futures of young people. I have reduced my sugar intake to a very small amount (occasional) as well as carbs.


* I’ve attended a few talks from the Mullen Health Centre, Ive always felt welcomed and learnt something from the talks. Last night I attended the ‘Natural Remedies and Flu Talk’. Coming into winter months, the temperature dropping and pretty common for our immunities also. With the few tips that had learnt last night, hoping to get through the winter without too many nasty bugs. Thank you


* What a fantastic night tonight it was at The blood Sugar talk
Learnt so much from Kate , and was very impressed by other staff member there to answer any questions , I was particularly impressed with Karlie , what a wonderful young woman to talk to , so full of knowledge , will definately be back to the clinic to make an appointment with her
Thank you Mullen’s Health

M S (Newcastle)

* After years of losing faith in conventional medicine and being sick of getting pumped full of pharmaceuticals I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to see a Naturopath. I just came back from meeting my Naturopathh for the first time and she was very helpful. I learned a lot of new things that made total sense to what I have been experiencing with my health over many years of feeling like crap. A great experience that many GP’s should learn from. I feel positive and look forward to returning to continue receiving support from the team at Mullen Health.

CT (Adamstown)

* Mullen Health has completely changed my life! I walked in to Mullen Health feeling sick and tired every single day. I now feel the best I’ve ever felt and my whole outlook on food and my overall health has changed for the better. Couldn’t recommend Mullen Health enough!!

S W (Kurri Kurri)

* What a way to start our May! So glad we attended Kate’s Fermenting class yesterday. Everything demonstrated looked so quick and easy to make and we had a mini feast on the samples served, as well as other surprises that were in the lovely recipe and resource book provided. Very inspiring!

C M (Toronto)

* I left my appointment feeling motivated and positive that my health issues can be overcome by finding out the cause of the problem and working with it

J R (Belmont)

* I went along to my first appointment at Mullen Health, and to be honest I was a bit skeptical. I thought everything would overwhelm me. But I’ve come out feeling hopeful and positive and I only have to take small steps at a time!

S M (Edgeworth)

* Peter and the team at Mullen Health are always so warm and welcoming, it’s like being a part of their family. They are focused on your individual needs and will go above and beyond to help you feel better in all aspects of your life. I would much rather walk into Mullen Health than a doctors surgery. I highly recommend these guys!

L W (Singleton)

* My experience with Mullen natural health positive and informative. The staff were professional and my consultation very informative. I look forward to seeing the results. (If I do as I’m told).

J W (Carey Bay)

* Peter Mullen is incredibly generous with his time, knowledgeable in his health field and super supportive of his patients. He has helped me immensely and I am very grateful for his guidance and input into my health and wellbeing. Mary and Dayna at reception are lovely too and always remember everyone’s name.

I highly recommend Mullens as an alternative to mainstream medical treatment, which failed me time and time again.

WW (Newcastle)

* Peter and his team offer a brilliant holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing!
When we walk in the door of Mullen Health, the staff go out of their way to greet and welcome us along with showing a genuine caring attitude.
I have recommended Mullen Health to countless people and every time I do I’m reminded why as my friends and family are just as pleased as I am!
Appointments, supplements, health seminars and recommended books and food products are all absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended

L M (Charlestown)

* I have attended a couple of information nights now, and have definately learnt a lot. Peter Mullen provides a very casual and comfortable atmosphere where you can ask questions, and is a great teacher, explaining things in an easy to understand way.  I would definately reccommend attending as many of these as you can.

A S (Newcastle)

* I searched ‘Newcastle Naturopathy’ into Google and Mullen NHC was the first result to come up. Obviously, this means they are popular and after attending my initial consultation today I completely understand why this is the case! I was greeted with a TummyCare herbal tea upon arrival and was called in quickly. My Naturopath was very professional and obviously has a deep knowledge of the body and it’s functions and I found her testing and advice incredibly helpful. I will most certainly be going back and would happily recommend the health centre to anyone and everyone!

C B (Callaghan)

* I love the enthusiasm the Mullen Health team have about my health and their constant efforts to keep me educated.

S H (Whitebridge)

* The Naturopaths listen and provide great advice, options for treatments, not just the same old same old

K F (Cameron Park

* (Weight loss Talk) It was fantastic!! My take home tip is – it’s not all about flogging yourself in the gym to lose weight or even your portion control. There’s a lot of underlying issues within our bodies which makes it difficult to lose weight and it is important you have them seen to to kickstart your goals.

S G (Merewether)

* With only having attended my first consultation I’m already feeling better than I did before. I know I have a long way to go, but now I feel supported and ready to feel well again.

KB (Newcastle)

* Very friendly staff , easy to talk to , comfortable and very clean surroundings . I may have been a little skeptical about the idea of naturopathy at first and have to say a bit wary of possibly being ‘ taken for a ride ‘, but after meeting the Naturopath , who was so spot-on with her assessment , I felt very reassured about the benefits . I was really inspired to follow through with the advice provided , and although it’s day one , I am really excited !

N R (Georgetown)

* I was looking for a change to kick start my weight loss journey again and Mullen Natural Health have provided that platform perfectly I felt comfortable with my Naturopath Leesa and believe that together we can achieve my goals.

TP (Bobs Farm)

* Was impressed with all aspects of my appt – am really looking forward to following their advice and hopefully becoming a new, ‘healthier’ and getting my ‘zing’ back!

S H (Hallidays Point)

* Learnt a lot from the talk on weight loss, especially how eating high GI foods increase blood sugar levels and creates havoc in the body. A ketogenic diet can turn this around and begin the fat burning, and levelling out blood sugar levels to create a more healthy, calm body and no brain fog mind.

L R (Kotara)

* I attended the Weight Loss seminar last night. I found it to be informative & very helpful. It was great to be able to taste the shake & I couldn’t wait to book my appointment! Bring on the next 6 weeks 🙂

L S (Newcastle)

* I found it very informative and interesting that insulin resistance and fatty liver was spoken about, as these are health conditions I have. My main take home tip was that sugar is worse than fat. (Natural Remedies for Weight loss Talk)

JH (Newcastle)

* After seeing many doctors for my childs health and not getting the results we needed to finally feel relieved and like we are on the right track in getting my child feeling 100% again.

S S (Newcastle)

* Yes I would. After attending my initial consultation with Mullen Natural Health Centre…. I would like to say how impressed I was with all aspects of my visit, from the warm greeting I received upon arriving and the professional and caring manner in which my consultation was handled. I was made to feel totally at ease the entire time and I am looking forward to my next appointment already.

VB (Mount Hutton)

* I will definitely recommend Mullen Natural Health Centre to anyone who is having health issues. After unsuccessfully seeking advice from my GP & trying to find out the cause of my issues, Mullen Health was exactly what I was looking for! I found the consultation very interesting and Informative, I am looking forward to my next consultation!

G W (Edgeworth)

* I highly recommend Mullen Health presentations. The staff at Mullen Health are extremely friendly and helpful. I found the Gut Health talk very informative and I went home inspired and motivated to introduce some important yet simple changes. The main tip I took home was to chew your food well and not drink with a meal.

D H (Merewether)

* Great practice with knowledgable practitioners and friendly staff. My life has changed for the better since attending the centre.

P W (Cooks Hill)

* What a wonderful place friendly and knowledgable staff I personally felt better after my first consultation just by talking to someone who cared how I felt. I can’t wait to get started. I would recommend Mullen Health.

M G (Wallsend)

* I would and have recommended Mullen Natural Health Centre to anyone who is passionate about improving and maintaining their health. Especially if you have had ongoing health issues that you don’t seem to be able to have treated/taken seriously by a GP or other medical health professional. My life has changed for the better and its a great feeling having someone keeping tabs on your health and genuinely passionate about making you well and keeping you that way. When I met Kirsty my naturopath and had my testing testing done, everything finally made sense, and that is a great feeling!

L K (Newcastle)

* I would highly recommend a visit to Mullen Natural Health Centre. From the moment I walked in I was amazed and felt so comfortable. My initial consultation with Leesa surpassed my expectations and I just know this is right for me. All staff were very friendly, welcoming and helpful and I will definitely encourage family and friends to visit. Thank you so much!

J S (Newcastle)

* Extremely impressed!!!
My partner & I absolutely loved the experience.
The professionalism, knowledge & personalized information we received was phenomenal. Specific testing from live blood to toxicology is conducted ‘in-house’ & individual based advice is offered on many areas.
We are so grateful to have discoved a naturopathy practice of this caliber.
It is run by people who care about people & that pure intention is clearly evident in the service we received. Thank you for helping us heal!!

R D (Newcastle)

* Tonight’s GAPS info talk was brilliant. I’ve attended several of these nights and highly recommend them. They are professionally done, easy to understand and of high quality. That these are free events conveys their goodwill.  I have had the food allergy testing and the practitioner was lovely.
I’m looking forward to learning more and seeing the naturopath.

D G (Newcastle)

* I would and have recommended Mullen Natural Health to a lot of people. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders after my first few appointments with Kirsty. After years and years of getting no answers from multiple GP’s, and feeling like a hypochondriac, everything clicked and everything made sense after having my testing done. To find someone who is genuinely striving to get you healthy and feeling better is a really awesome thing!

L K (Thornton)

* My weight is now 73kgs (from 90kg) and my blood pressure is normal now 114/65. I am very happy with all the assistance Kirsty gave me to help me achieve this. i continue to exercise every day and to eat extremely healthy food. I am following the “Heal Your Gut” Program and it’s working wonders and also keeping me in ketosis. Eliminating all fruit except berries, no grains, nor dairy and no sugar has been the secret and I will continue to do this. Thank you for the excellent assistance and guidance I have recieved at Mullen Natural Health Centre.

WF (Copacabana)

* One of the best changes in my life was becoming a patient of Mullen Health which I did 4 years ago. I am not more informed about my health and l value the advice I get from my naturopath. I live up near Forster and I love the convenience of buying my supplements on line.

F M (Hallidays Point)

* Fantastic service, personalised to meet your needs. Caring and considerate insight into your personal health needs.


* The talks are very informative and everyone is so friendly and upbeat it gives me a real boost to be there

J L (Nelson Bay)

* I have only recently become aware of the benefits of naturopath so attending an information night on gut health was so good to do. Up to now i have been researching online but to be in an environment with others on their health journey alongside such knowlegeable professionals, i came away with a fresh understanding and some practical skills to implement. I will absolutely be attending future events. Thank to the Mullen Health team for a great experience.

N W (Broadmeadow)

* I’ve read a fair amount on gut health over the last few months but it was so nice to hear all the information be confirmed by a trusted professional. The fermenting section was great fun and I honestly didn’t realise just how easy it was, really not as intimidating as I was thinking and delicious! I also found it very inspiring to sit in a room full of like minded people and realise I’m not alone on my health journey! Thank you all for your generosity in sharing your wisdom, it was much appreciated.

A W (Tighes Hill)

* Thank you to everyone at Mullen Health for your time and dedication to educating the community about the importance of personal health. The Fermentation Demonstration was the first Mullen Health talk I attended and it definetly won’t be the last! I learnt not only the importance of naturopathy and the immeasurable benefits of a healthy gut ecosystem, but I also learnt simple, easy and affordable steps to achieving optimum gut health. I am astounded at your pure genuinity and sheer passion in promoting natural health for all people by providing such events and free of charge! Sincerely grateful!

S S (Merewether)

* I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my treatment. I was looking through the indicators for adrenal exhaustion and before I came to Mullen Health I was all of those things. Now I am none of them and have heaps of energy.

Marion M (Tarro)

* Peter has helped me regain my health and I am feeling better than I have in years! 7kg down and a new outlook on life!! Thank you!!


* Thank you so much for your wonderful service over this last week of my appointments with you!

I have been so grateful for the assistance you have all given me in my quest to improve my health after suffering a number of illnesses over the past few months.

It was like walking into the Garden of Eden on my first appointment last Friday!

Thank you to all you girls who are so friendly and compassionate, and for going above and beyond to get me follow up appointments before I go away.

Peter, thank you for making me feel so comfortable on my introduction to naturopathic treatment. I am so confident to be guided by your experience and expertise.

A big thank you also for the 2 gift cards you sent in the mail. I have already passed these on to 2 beautiful friends who are very keen to visit you. I am sure I will have other friends to recommend to you as well.

Thank you again for your service and inspiration. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

BG (Anna Bay)

* For years I had put up with constant headaches, nausea, tiredness, body aches & pains, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea & other health issues but my GP could find nothing “wrong” with me. So I thought ok well I must just be getting old. But I reached a point at the end of October, 2013 where I thought enough is enough. My health was deteriorating further & my weight had ballooned. I was 41 years old but felt at least 80 & honestly believed that I would not be in this world for much longer if I continued on this same path.

So I commenced my journey to feel well again with my first appointment with Peter on the 6th November, 2013. I set off to my appointment with an open mind & a willingness to do whatever was needed to feel better again & from the moment I stepped through the door at Mullen Natural Health I knew I had made the right decision. Peter & his team were so welcoming & I immediately felt comfortable, at ease & like I had known them for years. Peter got straight down to diagnosing the underlaying reasons causing my health issues & put me on the path to helping my body heal & to function correctly. I was so relieved to finally have some answers & amazed that all I needed to do was make some dietary & lifestyle changes. At that first appointment I weighed in at almost 90kg & now 15 months later I am 63kg & to say I feel well again is an understatement. I feel absolutely amazing & like a completely different woman – full of energy & a joy for life & I actually feel young again! I am so grateful for the friendly professionalism, support, knowledge & guidance Peter & his team have given me throughout my journey & I could never thank them enough for helping me to regain my health & ultimately my life back.

T B (Branxton)

* Thanks Peter for correcting my lifestyle so I can now live without bowel pain. When we met I did the usual thinking, “I wonder if this will make any changes to how I feel?” It did and continues every day. Wellness comes from a complete and complex set of lifestyle effects, and after many changes to my personal and dietary inputs I have never felt better than I do most days. This may have taken longer than expected because I am considered to be stubborn and outspoken, so thanks Peter.

A W (Raymond Terrace)

* Coming to see Peter was the best thing I ever did! I now feel that I am on the road to having a healthy body and mind and I have learnt so much through Peters advice and attending the healthy eating talks. My overall health has really improved and he is so great with the kids. Thanks for everything Peter.

J P (Rankin Park)

* Thankyou Peter for helping me to get a good nights sleep. Before going to Mullen Natural Health Centre I couldn’t get to sleep until at least 11.30pm each night. After having a food sensitivity test to eliminate problem foods and taking a magnesium supplement, I now get to sleep early enough to get a good nights rest.

A S (Fletcher)

* I have had health problems for a number of years. I have not been satisfied with treatment from other sources, so I decided to try Peter Mullen at Mullen Natural Health Centre. I have had asthma and sinus which has led to constant coughing, sneezing, sore throat and a husky voice. What I like about Peter is that he will listen to you and not rush you out the door. If one lot of medication doesn’t work he will tailor the medication. Peter and his staff have made a big difference in improving my health. I feel much better in myself now. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter.

M B (Swansea)

* Thank you so much for all your help in treating my psoriasis. It has been an absolutely fabulous outcome in clearing it, as it was so unsightly and had become progressively worse and stayed that way for over 18 months. I still can’t believe that it has all faded and has continued to stay that away! Your ongoing advice and support to me to help maintain a strong, healthy immune system has all been so beneficial, not only for the psoriasis but for all aspects of good health and wellbeing. It’s also very reassuring to know that if I do have a relapse there is a treatment – which works! Again, thank you.

J C (New Lambton)

* We wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration you have given us over the past months, to keep healthy, happy and positive. The staff are all so friendly and helpful, the centre always has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere, which makes it such a pleasure to visit.

N A (Wallalong)

* I’m now back to my old energetic self – thanks to Peter and the friendly staff at Mullen Natural Health Centre. Peter’s positive attitude, patience and gentle steady approach made me feel at ease from day one. He listened to what I had to say and encouraged me to listen to my body. A “people” friendly approach considering your whole lifestyle – time for me to simply BE.

KG (Lambton)

* Peter was an integral part of my son’s life for a few years while getting his immune system operating to its optimum. Before seeing Peter my son was having episodes where he had up to one week off school and would lay on the lounge with no energy. Seeing Peter gave him every opportunity to reach his potential in all areas. His health is the best it has been in two years, his confidence has improved and he has done extremely well with his results in Year 12 and has now gone on to university. Peter was a mentor to my son. He enjoyed his regular visits to Peter and felt valued by him. With Peter’s help my son was able to gain some insight into his own health and well-being and knows that he still needs to look after himself. He is aware of his body’s limits and makes decisions accordingly. Thank you Peter for your wonderful work and commitment to my son.

BP (Leichardt)

* I have been attending Mullen Natural Health Centre for  years. I keep going back because their holistic approach has balanced me both physically and mentally. The dedicated, friendly staff deliver top quality service in a most professional manner. I leave the practice feeling well and able to face the stresses and strains of everyday living.

C M (Rathmines)

* It has been almost 4 years since I was first struck down with a mystery illness that seemed to defy explanation by conventional medical diagnosis. After exhaustive tests by several specialists I still had no answers and no definitive plan for dealing with the symptoms. Peter was sympathetic in his approach and quickly pinpointed not only the problem but a workable plan for my recovery. I was so impressed with my results that I have referred both family and friends to Peter for help and still visit to keep myself on track.

J B (Merewether)

* Two years ago I struggled to get out of bed. Everything was an effort. Every time I sat down I would go to sleep. Then I found Peter Mullen and his fabulous team. With Peter’s advice on diet and supplements and the ongoing support from the whole team, I can now jump out of bed ready for the day ahead. I train at the gym 5 days a week and this year I ran my first 5km race. So if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and catching every cold, flu and virus going around, do yourself a favour, see Peter Mullen at Mullen Natural Health Centre. Your body will love your for it.

L N (Cardiff)

* Thank you so much Kirsty, because for the first time ever my daughters skin has cleared up. It literally was clear other than the sores that needed the heal, she presently has no symptoms and the sores are all healed, with a small amount of scarring. She is now used to the taste of the zinc and pro-biotic mix and now asks for it after her meals. I use the cream morning and after her bath at night and it has no stinging feel like the steroid cream we had prior. I really could not be happier with these results and I wish I had come to you years ago. I am still wanting to go ahead with the food intolerance test, because if we can eliminate foods that may aggrevate her skin, that will help as well.

Once again, thank you.

R W (Tighes Hill)

* I have been seeing Peter mullen for nearly two years now and it has been the best decision I have done for my health and well-being .With an Autoimune disease and other health issues ,Peters advice on changing my diet and taking essential vitamins and minerals that were missing has had a massive effect on turning around my health.I feel better than I have in years.
The very informative free presentations held each month on lots of different health issues are fantastic and a great way to learn and pick up tips to help you on your journey.I highly recommend Mullen Health if your wanting to turn your health around.


* I have had the best service from the staff and Peter has helped me with my complex health issues with such rewarding success. Thankyou everyone

* Thanks you for a very informative and fun Gut Health talk tonight! Very knowledgeable and interesting.

*Professional and wholistic health team who will put you in the centre of every health plan.

*Thank you for the very informative Thyroid talk you did tonight David. It was very interesting learning about the thyroid and gut health. I look forward to Mullen Health helping me on my journey to good health.. The only part I didn’t like is I might have to give up coffee

* I can only describe my appts at Mullen Health as life-changing! I’m truly happy I decided to face my underlying health issues with the help of a Naturopath! This is changing the energy I have to do my things every day. I highly recommend it!

*Cannot recommend Mullen Health enough for all their support and guidance in getting my body and mind back into true health. From the moment you walk into the reception are you’re made to feel welcome and well looked after. The naturopaths are highly knowledgeable and are truly genuine in helping you to attain your health goals. 10/10

*Mullen health has helped me change simple things in my everyday life to benefit my physical and mental health. She has tailored my routine despite tight budgeting and has completely changed my life.

*I went to my first seminar with Mullen Health Care and found that their knowledge about gut health was informative and overall teaching people how to appreciate their bodies through healthy diets

*Two years ago I struggled to get out of bed. Everything was an effort and everytime I sat down I would go to sleep. Just getting through the day was an effort.

Then I found Peter Mullen and his fabulous team. With Peter’s advice on supplements and diet and the ongoing support from the whole team, I now jump out of bed ready for the day ahead. I train at the gym 5 days a week and this year I ran my first 5km marathon. So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and catching every cold, flu and virus going around, do yourself a favour, see Peter Mullen at Mullen Natural Health. Your body will love you for it.

*To say Peter turned my life around with our son Jackson is an understatement We arrived at Mullen Natural Health Centre, with a 2 year old who’s sleep with disturbed every night and he was exhausted (so were his parents). Peter identified food intolerances and with a change in diet and the introduction of supplements, Jackson was immediately and significantly better. He now sleeps soundly through the night and is a much healthier and happier child. Peter has also been very supportive and caring for us as parents and has been available by email or phone whenever we have had any questions or issues.

*I have had health problems for a number of years, I had not been satisfied with treatment from other sources so I decided to try Peter at Mullen Natural Health Centre. Peter will listen to you and not rush you our the door and he tailors the treatments and prescriptions to suit my problems. Peter and his staff have made a big difference in improving my health.

*I have been attending Mullen Natural Health Centre for the past 4 years. I keep going back because Peter’s holistic approach has balanced me both physically and mentally. The dedicated, friendly staff deliver top  quality service in a most professional manner. The consultations are always beneficial and supportive to me as an individual. I leave the practice feeling well and able to face the stresses and strains of everyday living.

*It has been almost four years since I was first struck down with a mystery illness that seemed to det explanation by conventional medical diagnosis. After exhaustive tests by several specialists I still had no answers and no definitive plan for dealing with the symptoms.

Peter was sympathetic in his approach and quickly pinpointed not only the problem but a workable plan for my recovery. I was so impressed with the results that I have referred both family and friends to Peter for help and still visit to keep myself on track.

*When I first contacted Peter Mullen, I was unhealthy for my height. Peter organised a blood test for me which indicated that there was too much carbohydrate in my diet. Over a period of time we have worked out a program for me that I am able to work and stick to. Peter has been a good supervisor of this and been a tower of strength to me over some months, during which I have lost 10kgs. I feel much healthier now and look forward to losing another 10kgs. Thank you Peter and all the staff at Mullen.

*Thank you for your prompt diagnosis of my Thyroid problem. It has provided me with peace of mind, and early treatment has avoided serious complications. I have been a patient for many years and your service has provided continual health and longevity to an active life.

*Coming to see Peter was the best thing I ever did! I now feel that I am on the road to having a healthy body and mind and I have learnt so much through Peter’s advice and attending the health eating talks. My overall health has really improved and he is so great with the kids.

*Thanks Peter for correcting my lifestyle so I can now live without bowel pain. Wellness comes for a complete and complex set of lifestyle effects after many changed to my personal and dietary inputs I have never felt better than I do most days.

*Thank you Peter for helping me to get a good nights sleep. Before going to Mullen Natural Health Centre I couldn’t get to sleep until at least 11:30pm each night. After having a food sensitivity test to eliminate problem foods and taking a magnesium supplement, I now get to sleep early enough to get a good nights rest

*Coming into the centre not only helps me retain a healthy balance mentally and physically it also gives e the emotional support from a team of caring individuals. This to me is a wonderful package & I always leave feeling positive and better about myself.

*My husband suffers from depression and  our lovely Belinda helped me with some vitamins and supplements to help him and as soon as he has started to take them he is feeling soo much better!!! Definitely recommend it! Staff is friendly professional and they know what they are doing ! I have been seeing the lovely Natalie and she is been helping me loosing the few extra kilos and get back to my health … very effective programs ! I just love it!!

*Such a passionate team! They offer the herb bar and free health seminars quite regularly.

*Thank you Peter and staff for all the effort you have put into finding out what was causing my health problems and coming up with a plan to correct the problems found. Before coming to Mullen Health Centre my health had deteriorated to an extent where I was experiencing very unstable blood sugar problems, light-headness, no energy and general feeling of being unwell. My path to wellness was put in place and after a few months my condition started to  improve to an extent where most of my health problems have now gone. Thank you Peter!

*Just a note to say thank you so much for all your help in treating my psoriasis. It has been an absolutely fabulous outcome in clearing it, as it was so unsightly and has progressively worse over 18 months. I can’t believe that within such a short period it started to fade away. Your ongoing advice and support to me to help maintain a strong healthy immune system has all been so beneficial.

*Really enjoyed last week’s webinar on Anxiety. Some good tips and reminders. Peter’s approach is very warm and accessible and Paula’s perspectives were interesting and relevant. Appreciated the follow up information pack with useful information and links. thank you

*I’ve been a client of Mullen for over a year now and am still stunned by the level of customer service, support and genuine care and camaraderie I experience from the team. No request is ever too much, I’m always treated like a queen and most importantly have experienced and continue to experience results.

*I won an appointment at Mullen through the Salt Therapy Centre in Newcastle as part of a competition- and after that went back and had further testing done. I’m so glad I did, After years of not feeling right I finally have not only the right answers and advice but the support I was looking for on my health journey. Feeling truly happy I found Mullen Health thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me and answering any questions I have. Can’t wait to keep working with you.

*Mullen Natural Health Centre is the best natural health clinic! The staff are always friendly and super helpful, the products are high quality and the practitioners are knowledgeable yet practical. They’re helping me regain my health after struggling with it for years, I highly recommend them.

*I had a free 15 minute consult with Belinda & at the time I was desperate to feel better, I was feeling so anxious & depressed. I started taking the 2 supplements she prescribed & a few days later I felt like a different person. I have so much energy now, the anxiety has gone & I actually feel happier than I have in such a long time. In the 3 weeks since I have gotten myself a new job & joined a running group- a far cry from where I was emotionally & physically. I honestly can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much Belinda.

* They really listen to the client and look at supporting the root cause of issues rather than masking symptoms. I very holistic approach to supporting optimum wellbeing.

Fabulous staff and a wonderful feel in the practice.

*Yvonne is a life saviour. I’m extremely grateful to her for helping me regain my energy back

*So glad I worked up the courage to make the phone call to Mullen Natural Health Centre. Seeing Belinda has been an absolute game-changer for my health. My aim was to come off all of my prescription medication and to lose weight and just ‘feel better’. I’m so happy that I have been on NO prescription medication for the last 8 weeks! Yippee 😊 My journey is definitely not over with other niggles diagnosed along the way but with the help of Belinda, eating right and the right supplements the only way is UP. Forever grateful.

* “A very positive and informative experience all around. Explained things very well and while I have always been a little wary of Naturopathy I’m finding the experience worthwhile for sure.”

*I have seen a number of different naturopaths over the years and Mullen Health has by far been the best. All of the tests they are able to do on site has been incredible and their herb bar is extensive. I now recommend Mullen to everyone looking for a naturopath.

*Such a welcoming environment at the practice and lovely naturopaths. Thankyou! X

*I Have found the people at Mullen Health to be very professional, prompt and very friendly . Highly recommend

*very friendly and helpful. love my visits with great advice

*Helpful, clear explanation of everything & every step. Friendly with great customer service. Yvonne is fantastic, empathy and guidance in everything to do with treatment recommendations.

* “I highly recommend Mullen health to anyone! They have such lovely staff and you genuinely feel cared for and looked after. I absolutely love going to my naturopath appointments!”

*Changed my life completely! Wonderful caring naturopaths and staff , nothing is ever a problem. Would recommend their services to anyone

*I would gladly recommend Peter to anyone, he listened and showed care to me and believed me when others didn’t, his level of compassion to me at a difficult time in my life will not be forgotten.

*Mullen Health is a one stop shop! With the herb bar on site and a range of knowledgeable, friendly practitioners who specialise in all different areas, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there for any of my health needs.

*My wife no longer gets chronic migraines – thanks to Mullen Health.

*Staff are very knowledgeable, supportive and friendly. Peter explains things so thoroughly.

*I you really want to gain knowledge in leading a truly healthy life, not a life of medication then Mullen Health Centre is the place you need to visit

*Have seen Peter off and on for over 25 years. The staff are always friendly and helpful.

*Peter and the team have many expertise in their knowledge of Naturopathic medicines. They staff are friendly and approachable. The metagenics range I use daily have made a massive difference to my daily life. My daughter, who is 8 has also been to see them and it has made a big difference to her abilities to focus on school.

*I walked into Mullen Natural Health Centre 16 years ago and haven’t looked back. Peter’s knowledge in all things health and lifestyle have kept me in the best shape possible, and he’s done it with the sincerity of a friend. 5 stars from me!

*Wouldn’t be where I am today without Peters help. Beautiful staff

* The team at Mullen Health are wonderful and always helpful. They have helped me enormously with my health battles and have kept me healthy and energetic

*How Wonderful to come and feel that my needs are being met professionally by the knowledgeable practitioners whilst also wanting to give the Lovely helpful and friendly reception staff a mention….thankyou all kindly

*Have had major improvments in just 4 months of coming to the centre, I have learnt so much for my personal health & feel better even in this short time! The staff are lovely & make you feel very welcome. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

*Peter and staff have been aiding my health now for many years and it’s great to know that advice, support and encouragement is so readily available. There is so much out there in social media about health and diets etc and it’s good to know that Peter can debunk the myths and give genuine guidance. Thanks Peter

*Lovely clinic. The staff are warm and welcoming and care about your health concerns.

*My mother in law Lois 91 has been coming to see Peter for years. He is very good with her and is very thorough. She is very healthy I put that down to seeing Peter. Mary is very welcoming and always ask if you would like a herbal tea. I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

*Great service and holistic understanding from friendly staff and Peter himself. I would highly recommend Mullen Natural Health Centre.

*Excellent service and super knowledgeable

*As a new patient at Mullen Health I’ve been extremely happy with the level of care I’ve already received. The whole booking and customer service experience has been wonderful and I was very impressed at how thorough my initial consultation was. I will be recommending Mullen Health to all my clients!

*Loved seeing Yvonne at Mullen Health. She is so knowledgeable and kind. After just my first appointment with her she’s helped changed my mindset on my health journey. They’re so knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. So far a great experience.

*I’ve just begun to see Belinda at Mullen Health Centre and I am very happy with my experience so far. I really like the centre’s comprehensive approach, ongoing support of clients and the welcoming environment.

* I have recently started seeing Yvonne at Mullen, and I have learnt so much about myself and natural health in general. It is so nice to have a holistic practitioner who listens to everything I have to say, and wants to help me understand and better my health. I am having a great experience at Mullen.

*The staff are professional and so helpful. Belinda is extremely knowledgeable and personable (great with children), and I feel I can trust her with my health, and that of my family. Highly recommend!

*Saw Yvonne today. she was amazing and really “got” me and my health concerns. Came away from that initial appointment feeling really positive and knowing we will get to the root of my problem. Thank you Yvonne

*Would recommend 10/10 service and care. Have been very helpful and my health has improved alot. The office is also so beautiful very nice place to go.

*Yvonne service and capabilities are outstanding and the testing is extremely fast and detailed

*Would recommend to anyone who is looking to feel better & get back in control of their health and general lifestyle. Yvonne and the whole team are fantastic!

*Make an appointment with Yvonne today… She’s amazing & will have you feeling in good health again with her wonderful knowledge & expertise…..

HIGHLY RECOMMEND YVONNE….Thankyou so very much

* The place is fantastic , the staff are friendly and Yvonne is a Gem book an appointment now.

*Excellent service. Always take the time to listen to your health concerns. Knowledgeable and genuinely care.

* The staff are all really friendly and knowledgeable. I have been seeing Yvonne. She is amazing and has helped me to improve my health, particularly regarding my energy levels, mood and sleep. I would definitely recommend the team a Mullen Natural Health!

*Really lovely and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone has been amazing and I definitely recommend:)

*Everyone at Mullen Natural Health has been super friendly and helpful. My health has improved a lot since implementing the changes Peter suggested.

*I’ve never been happier or healthier since following the fabulous advice and support of Yvonne at Mullen Health.

*Absolutely loving the experience help I’m receiving to better health, would recommend all the staff, they are all bubbly, helpful and go out of their way to assist, I’ve just started to a healthy life…. don’t wait for yours.

*I highly recommend Mullen Health, especially Yvonne. Yvonne has been wonderful helping me with stress and understanding how it effects my hormones. Since implementing changes to my diet and lifestyle, I am noticing significant improvements in my general health and well-being.

*Amazing team. With Peters support and guidance we managed to get me through some tough medical issues. And through his care we had a healthy miracle baby. Highly recommend Peter and his team

*I have been a Client of Peter’s for 13 years now. Peter and his Team are wonderful. Easy to chat to and very helpful. I always look forward to my appointments with Peter.

*Thank you to Peter and his team, I feel very positive as Peter fully explains the treatments and what will be achieved. I am very consistent taking the medications so the treatments will work.

*Peter’s prescribing and professional advice has made me feel like a new person and further confirmed my beliefs in the healing power of nature! Thank you very much Mullen Natural Health Centre

*I first reached out to Mullen Health looking for an alternative, more natural approach to the many health issues that my son was still experiencing following many years of investigations, surgeries, medications and continued poor health. I was at a total wits end and felt like we were getting no where…until, we met Belinda. Belinda has been absolutely phenomenal from the moment we met. Her compassion, understanding and support is next level and I really don’t know where we’d be now if we didn’t seek this alternative approach to improving our son’s health. He has come ahead in leaps and bounds and I attribute so much of it to the amazing work that Belinda has done to improve his health and wellbeing. Words can’t actually describe how eternally grateful and appreciative of Mullen Health we are. Our lives have been changed in the greatest way possible.

* Great consultation with some insightful health info. Looking forward to Mullen Natural Health Centre contributing to better health for myself.

*I highly recommend Mullen’s for all of your health concerns. Each time I visit I go for a reason that has bothered me for years. Drs just keeping prescribing pharmaceuticals that just don’t deal with the cause of the problem. Going to Mullen’s I get healed within weeks (4-6). They go directly to the source of the problem and take on a holistic approach. I am so grateful for their support and guidance and advise everyone to visit if you want to heal. Thank you all so much.

* I highly recommend Mullen Health. We first went for our sons health with Belinda. She has been wonderful.

Now it’s a family affair. My husband and myself are now going as well. We cannot thank them enough for all their help and support.

*I just had my first appointment with Belinda and she was absolutely brilliant! She is the first health care provider I have seen in a long while who has taken the time to listen to my health concerns and genuinely wanted to help. I am looking forward to my next appointment and highly recommend her. Thank you Mullen health!

*Our whole family have been going to Mullen Health for over ten years. They have helped us with numerous problems. Their tests they do are so worth it too as they show many more things that doctors don’t look at. We highly recommend this practice and not only because they are knowledgeable and well trained but everyone is so friendly. Love their detox programs and supplements too.

*I have found Mullen health especially Belinda fantastic to speak to. It’s great to find someone you can trust. Their social media pages are packed with great info and recipes

*I love all the products at Mullen health and I appreciate the knowledge the staff have and how they touch base with you personally when placing online orders

*We are so glad we found Mullen Health for our family. The Herb Bar is an excellent service and the Naturopaths are wonderful. My 3 year old daughter responded so well to Belinda, she has a beautiful manner. Best health centre in Newcastle!

*The team at Mullen Health are the best in the business. Recommending them to anyone that asks about getting their health back is a no brainer. They support you through any issues you are dealing with from the inside out. You’re NOT a “Patient” at Mullen Health, you are a friend 😊

*Helpful and thorough consultations. Love the Herb Bar and the over the phone consults to purchase quality vitamins & herbs. Also find their social media presence and online seminars a wonderful resource!

*Friendly staff and nice waiting rooms

*We love going to Mullen’s Health. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. The waiting room is not cluttered, and smells lovely. We see Peter, he is very helpful, shows interest in the whole family, he explains things and listens to our thoughts and concerns.

*With the great guidance from a fabulous team I no longer suffer from ongoing headaches and my gut health is back to normal. That was over 10 years ago. Thank you Mullen Health for making me well again. You turned my life around

*Mullens health staff are really friendly and take the time to listen to your concerns. They have a good selection of supplements.

*Caring people and staff, happy to listen to your problems, diagnose and offer treatment to help you feel better and live life to the fullest. Highly recommend this business!

*I have been going to Mullen health for many years now and the service, products and people are always of a very high standard. My health has improved so much with their advice and patience and they work through each problem thoroughly, I don’t know what I would of done without them. Belinda has been wonderful, so knowledgeable and kind.

*A very friendly and welcoming receptionist. She listened to all my woes and was able to help and fit me into an appointment straight away. I look forward to meeting you at your clinic because my health is run down and honestly I need some help. I got iridology when I was a younger lady and the history that they can see in my eyes is remarkable so I am very excited to see what herbal remedies Mullen Health has to help me recover and renew my health and life. Thank you for being you

*I have been following Peter Mullen on fb and the web for some time. Peter offered a 2 week Healthy Habits Challenge in September. My husband & I decided this was a great opportunity to kick start and reset our easting habits and also make a few positive changes to our lifestyle. The Challenge was full of delicious Fresh, Clean & Healthy recipes and Peters daily Health tips and encouragement was a game changer in my opinion. The staff at the Herb Bar consulted with us on the appropriate supplements to support this challenge. Moving forward, we are so grateful for this Healthy Plan. Its the best empowerment into a healthier and more energised life for us. So, a big Thank You to Peter, Dayna & the Team. So appreciate your expertise. 🥰🍎🍋🥝🌶🌻🐝

*5 stars from me and that was from my initial appointment! Peter is a lovely fellow and certainly knows his stuff. The other staff are very welcoming and professional, I look forward to my next appointment.

*I had my first consult with Yvonne yesterday and she was amazing. It was well worth the drive up from Sydney to do my first meeting face to face (they do do telephone as well) I am really looking forward to starting this journey with her and getting my health back. if you are thinking about seeing a naturopath then i would HIGHLY recommend.

*We have been with Peter Mullen for a number of years now and thank Peter for our good health and looking after us. Thanks Peter

*Pete and the team are fabulous. I have been seeing Pete for a few months now in relation to an ongoing gut health issue and with his input, recommended diet and health supplements I have been free of any further and ongoing issues. Haven’t felt this good in years.

*A wonderful service. The initial contact and follow up was super quick. A free initial phone chat is also a great idea – and recommendations from the health bar is a fantastic advantage. I met with Yvonne and it was a really thorough appointment and I felt extremely comfortable and valued. I’m looking forward to future appointments and ultimately feeling better

*I highly recommend this service if you are interested in looking at heath from a holistic perspective, fixing issues with results that last and leave you feeling great. Lovely staff, really helpful and attentive

*After listening to Peter on 2NURFM I decided to visit him for a gut issue I was experiencing. I found Peter very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable discussing the problem. I recently had cause to ring and inquire about a medication for another condition that they had helped with. After a 15min free consultation, although the tablet was not in stock (perhaps not one they always carry) Peter and the office staff were very helpful in acquiring it for me. Could not be happier.

*I’ve been suffering with heart, lung, sternum and rib inflammation since being vaccinated. After 2 months of chronic pain a friend recommended that I should go and see Peter. To say that he has changed my life is an absolute understatement. When my lovely GP had nowhere for me to turn and the emergency department kept telling me to stay vigilant and permanently on nurofen (that didn’t seem to work), Peter found a way to provide me true relief. I’m no longer scared of how long this healing journey will take as I know Peter and his team are there to help me get through it in the beat shape that I can be.

*Belinda was incredibly helpful and informative! We delved into the fundamentals of my overall health to find a solution to my immune deficiency, I would recommend this service to anyone who needs an in depth overhaul of their health, thank you!

*I highly recommend this service if you are interested in looking at heath from a holistic perspective, fixing issues with results that last and leave you feeling great. Lovely staff, really helpful and attentive

*I loved how the receptionist first welcomed me offering a herbal tea while I was waiting to see Peter Mullen. My initial consultation was so informative and has really motivated me to continue my journey with Mullen Health.

*My initial consultation with Peter was a life changing experience for me and I am well on my way to achieving good gut health and my diet is now so much healthier. I have had my follow-up appointment and am so motivated now.

*I have had only lovely experiences with Mullen Health. All staff are very professional, warm and friendly. Yvonne is very thorough, realistic with personal goals and I have full confidence with her knowledge that she will find the answers for my good health

*I have worked with Belinda over the last couple years to get my health back on track and cannot recommend herself and Mullen Health enough. I now live without constant pain & discomfort thanks to her guidance.

*Incredible people at Mullen health! Had my first consultation with Peter and honestly have so much guidance now moving forward. Lots of great advice that will work well with my body. Can’t wait to see results in the future!

*The knowledge from all the staff is amazing, very professional and they are very friendly. Samantha has been absolutely amazing helping me with my health journey.

*I found it to be very professional but with kindness and care looking forward to my other appointments to make me feel great.

*Fabulous service. Has really helped me with my hormone balance and overall health. Would recommended to others.

*Had such a good experience at Mullen Health. Their holistic approach to wellness shines through their staff. Belinda in particular has been lovely to work with.

*Had my first appointment with Samantha a few weeks ago, and at the end of the hour, she already had a beginner game plan for us! It’s only been two weeks, but I’m already starting to feel better, which is something that no one else has achieved in the last 7 years! If I could give more stars I would!

*I have been going to Mullen Health ever since I was a child. I take my two children there now and the quality of care from Peter is amazing. Once I had a question that I texted through and he called me back at 7pm in his own time to answer me. Today I called to get some more supplements – I told them we had all been sick and Hannah straight away booked a naturopath to call me back. Belinda called me and gave me so many recommendations of how to get the family back on track during flu season. So grateful for their help and service

*I’ve been seeing Belinda for the best part of this year. She is knowledgeable and understanding of chronic health issues, has worked alongside treatment plans and medications from my GP, and is lovely to deal with. Her approach is client centric, which has been so helpful for me, particularly making dietary changes with a young family. She’s mindful of the pace and cost of change. I’m seeing some positive changes and results and would highly recommend. The Herb Bar is also been a fantastic resource for my family this Winter.

*I have had a great experience at Mullen Natural Health Centre. I didn’t want to just go to any Naturopath but to someone who has experience with cancer. Peter Mullen has been amazing, I feel extremely looked after and that he genuinely cares.
I couldn’t be happier with the conversations we have had and my plan with Peter moving forward to boost my immune system and get me at my best.

*Staff are super friendly, I feel confident in their advice and have noticed a positive difference in my overall health.

*I attended the Center and saw Peter, he was friendly and vey easy to approach. His knowledge and treatment plan for me was extremely well thought out. Peter is extremely knowledgeable in his field and follow up via text, I am very impressed with the Center, very well stocked with supplies so it is a one stop, no going around hunting for supplies. The staff also friendly as the waiting area. Thank you Mullen Center.

  • Mullen Health have provided such a tremendous service beyond all expectations. I went in with an open mind with the looming dread of being told by my GP I needed to be on statins, but within 2 months of Mullen Health natural treatment my cholesterol dropped right down. Even my GP was blown away. Move aside chemical intervention, hello to alternative therapy! So excited to be continuing my journey with Mullen Health. I feel optimum health within me literally beaming outwards from every cell.

Very knowledgeable, warm, professional and friendly team at Mullen Health. What a find! I pinch myself and thank the Universe to have stumbled across them.

*Love everything about Mullen Health, highly recommend! Thank you!

*We have a 3 1/2 year old daughter with horrendous eczema on her arms and legs, to the point we would wake up and all four limbs bleeding due to Aria scratching through the night.

Was referred to Western medicine three visits to dermatologist, to identify what the cause was and only told apply cream she will grow out of it at the age of 7 – 200 bucks .

Three visits and 600 bucks later no results. Daughter is now getting very upset and arms and legs getting worse.

Then we saw Peter and Dayna at Mullen health, these people changed our daughters life.

1 blood test, a consult a week later, and in 4 days Arias life had changed. Diet and food related in tolerances was causing the eczema to go crazy!

Please if your child is having the same problems or similar issues, please don’t wait to see the team at Mullen health you won’t regret it .

They are very thorough and helpful!
Peter listened to my long list of issues without rushing me and explained the process in detail.

Looking forward to my next appointment!

Great Naturopaths here, they helped my son to get a better sleep by addressing some nutrients deficiencies and giving him some natural solution to take home, highly recommended  🙌🏼  Happy client , thanks again.

Peter has been extremely helpful in my Long Covid recovery journey. For 8 months after a mild case of Covid 19, I experienced fatigue, breathlessness and reduced lung capacity. Peter and his team identified my food intolerances and allergies. Through a combination of change of diet and taking herbs & supplements I have been able to heal my body. I have more energy, no breathlessness and I’ve increased my lung capacity (that is being monitored by a ling specialist)

The resources of videos and recipes have helped me to understand my intolerances as well as keeping me motivated to remain focused on healing my body further.

I am extremely grateful to Peter as my overall health and wellness has improved and an added bonus – it’s resulted in me losing weight! With sincere thanks, Denise

* Results may vary from person to person.

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