Why micro-goals are the key to resolution success

Have your new year’s resolutions stayed the same every year? Do you lose momentum after January because changing your habits seems too hard? Maybe it’s not you! Maybe it’s your resolutions!

Did you know that many people set resolutions that are designed for failure? There is a more effective way of setting a resolution and it involves using the SMART goal method with a Mullen Health twist- the Mullen micro-goals!

Last year we talked all about setting SMART goals instead of new year’s resolutions if you want to set goals that you’ll actually stick to. You can read that blog post here.

Now when it comes to deciding what your SMART goal is going to be, the magic is in getting honest about where you are right now in this present moment and then creating little micro-goals to move you closer to your big resolution.

If we get truly honest with ourselves, lay out all the cards on the table we can then make the best, most-effective decisions on what to do next. Perhaps you’re wanting to ‘get fit’ but you are barely managing to go for a walk every week, or maybe it’s to ‘get healthy’ or ‘lose weight’ but you always forget to take your supplements and can never stick to a healthy eating plan for more than a week.

Journal Prompts

Whatever it is let’s get honest about what your current habits are by answering the following questions, we suggest writing your answers with a pen and paper;

  1. What are the most significant sources of stress and anxiety in my life right now?
  2. What is something I’ve been avoiding or denying in my life?
  3. What are my true values and priorities, and am I living in alignment with them?
  4. What recurring patterns or habits do I notice in my life that aren’t serving me?
  5. What do I need to let go of (habits, relationships, possessions) to create space for personal growth and happiness?

After you’ve written out your responses I want you to think of your overarching goal for 2024 as the big thing and then think of the smallest step that you can take today towards that goal. For example if your overall goal is to ‘eat healthy’ but maybe you’ve noticed that your life stress, time management and motivation is impacting you on cooking and preparing healthy food – lets instead create a Mullen micro-goal!

What is a Mullen micro-goal?

A Mullen micro-goal in this example is to create a stock of healthy to-go food in your home and at work.

Having a stockpile of healthy convenient options allows you to still keep healthy even when you can’t manage to cook for yourself. Some convenient options you could have in your stock would be;

  • Soups – we love the shelf stable Hart & Soul, Amy’s Organic Kitchen and La Zuppa
  • Ready meals – we like ‘The Dinner Ladies’ and ‘Activate Foods’ because they use real ingredients
  • Healthy snacks from brands like ‘Table of Plenty’ or simply pre-cut veggies with dips


Creating little micro-goals are the first step into achieving your big overall goals because they actually work with your current lifestyle. If you want an extra helping hand with creating your micro-goals or if your new year’s resolution is to become the healthiest version of you – give us a call on 02 4961 4075 or book online now and speak with an expert.


2024 is your year! Commit and make it count!

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