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For the first time in a while, we are all spending much more time at home, our normal routines have fallen to the wayside and our fridge and pantry have become way too accessible!

To help you break old habits that have taken a toll on your health and wellbeing, and jump into Spring feeling your best, Mullen Natural Health Centre, the longstanding Hamilton based Naturopathic clinic, is stepping in with a 14-day Healthy Habits Challenge!

mullen natural health healthy habits challenge newcastle

Over two weeks, the clean eating plan and lifestyle guide will empower you to flip that switch in your brain and get you into the zone of eating well and prioritising your health. It’s a comprehensive guide to reset your mind and body with weekly meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, tips and so much more.

Mullen Natural Health Centre has been a pillar of health in Newcastle for well over thirty years, and for the past decade has been bringing the Healthy Habits Challenge to patients and the wider community.

mullen natural health healthy habits challenge newcastle

“In the past we have had over 1000 people join us for the Healthy Habits Challenge. We would pick a date and all start together. Now the program is online people can do it at any time they feel like their health is not what is used to be, and join at their own leisure,” leading Naturopath Peter Mullen said.

The aim of the program is to educate and empower you with an introduction to making conscious healthy decisions and establishing foundations to continue positive health habits well after the 14-days has finished.

“So many of my patients don’t realise how much food and their mindset around eating affects the way they feel and impacts their overall health. It’s a simple guide to establish healthy habits and continue to incorporate into their lives for the long-term.”

mullen natural health healthy habits challenge newcastle

What exactly is the Healthy Habits Challenge? 

The challenge is an easy to follow guide that has worked for thousands of people to sustainably incorporate healthy habits into their life. It’s your booklet full of tips and messages to help get you back to feeling like yourself again.

The Healthy Habits Challenge has been carefully crafted by one of Australia’s most trusted Naturopaths, Peter Mullen. The detailed meal plans, specific diet and lifestyle advice and over 90 recipes are all tried and tested and have been curated through Peter’s thirty years’ experience as a Naturopath.

The program is so well-loved, even the entire Mullen Natural Health team annually jump on board to reset and refresh their health.

Good health is simple steps taken consistently. The program has a focus on establishing positive health foundations that will have you feeling lighter, refreshed and energized with the additional benefit of ongoing support. Through daily emails and expert advice straight from experienced Naturopaths via the Healthy Habits Facebook group, the team at Mullen Natural Health are with you every step of the way.

Who exactly is the Healthy Habits Challenge for?

“Everyone! We have had young people, older people, even entire families take part over the years. If someone in a family is choosing to do the program, it’s so easy for the whole family to take part. The challenge is based on healthy, clean, whole foods that taste great and help create new habits so it’s perfect for all ages. You’re never too old to break old habits and establish new, healthier ones!”

The challenge offers an opportunity to reset your mind and body and to recharge and reboot so that you can enjoy more energy to spend with your loved ones and on yourself. You may even find by the end of it, it wasn’t a challenge at all and now you’re armed with a healthy eating framework that will change your lifestyle forever.

mullen natural health healthy habits challenge newcastle

What are you hoping people will get out of the program? 

“A new way of life – gain more energy, less aches and pains, feeling happier (mentally and emotionally), learn new habits, greater confidence in yourself and your health and as a bonus – maybe even lose a few kilos.”

The recipe recommendations in the program cover everything from breakfast, through to dinner and everything in between! The guide also includes suggestions and alternatives for vegetarians.

To get an idea of some of the tasty recipes you could be getting your hands, check out some of Peter and Dayna’s favourites:

“Personally, I really love a challenge. I find it helps me to rest and get my brain back into gear for making better choices. I like to do it around springtime as our body is transitioning into the warmer months post winter and is ready for some lighter foods. Most importantly it gets me back on track with making healthier choices.”

mullen natural health healthy habits challenge newcastle

Are you ready to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle? Click here to learn more about the Healthy Habits Challenge by Mullen Natural Health.

Written by Alicia Poole

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