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Following the rollercoaster year of 2020, most of us learned that life is unpredictable and when all normality and routine falls to the wayside it is our health and loved ones that truly matter. A new year brings with it a new beginning and an opportunity to reset our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. To reach your goals it’s important to have the right guidance and support from an experienced health care provider and when it comes to holistic healthcare, the team at Mullen Natural Health Centre should be your first call!

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

Leading Australian Naturopath, Peter Mullen has been providing holistic health care and helping thousands of people for over 30 years. Based in Hamilton, his clinic Mullen Natural Health Centre specialises in all facets of health – digestive issues, women’s health, mental wellbeing, chronic illness, weight management, kids health and so much more. Peter’s team of experienced Naturopaths provide a comprehensive, personalised approach to healthcare, with a focus on getting to the bottom of health concerns.

The beauty of visiting a Naturopath is their holistic approach to health. Treating a symptom is part of the journey but it won’t solve the root cause of health issues. Whether you have a niggling health concern or a complex issue, a Naturopathic appointment will involve a deep dive into your health, a personalised approach to treatment, and will get you feeling better again.

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

“Think of a Naturopath as like having a health mentor. They are natural healthcare providers that provide guidance and support through every stage of health over your lifetime. Our specialty lies in our ability to dig deep, we don’t guess when it comes to health, we investigate, and we look at the whole body. We know that if you’ve got gut issues, we aren’t going to stop there. We are going to talk to you about your stress levels and your sleep patterns and so on because it is all connected.

“The most common health concern people come to us for is digestive issues. Next, we see fatigue and energy depletion, followed closely by mental health concerns and women’s health. More often than not, a person will come to see us with all of these issues and from our Naturopathic perspective we know they are all connected, but after some investigation, we have the scientific evidence to determine where these health concerns began and how best to treat them,” says Principle Naturopath, Peter Mullen.

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

Combining the best of scientific evidence with traditional medicine, each person is treated as unique. After comprehensive case-taking and thorough investigations, each patient is presented with a personalised treatment plan, but it doesn’t stop there. One of the approaches that make Mullen Natural Health Centre truly special, is their ongoing care and guidance. You never have to feel alone when working with their Naturopaths, because they understand that when it comes to positive health changes, consistency and support is key.

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

Mullen Natural Health believes healthcare needn’t be divisive.

“A big focus for us is to give people choices when it comes to healthcare. We want to empower our patients to take back control of their health and we believe a supportive healthcare team is imperative for this. It’s not about one being better than the other, health benefits most from a holistic approach and we can work alongside a patient’s GP and other health care providers to provide that type of support. The real challenge is to get on top of things early, not to wait until you have already been prescribed five different medications.”

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

Passionate about prevention, the Mullen Natural Health team want to educate their patients that prevention is much more powerful and long lasting than cure.

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

“It’s never too late to have a full health assessment to determine where your health is at and how best to optimise it. Preventative health care is about supporting your entire body, then aiming to maintain it as we age, rather than waiting until we’re at a crisis point and things become more difficult treat.”

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

Looking to make 2021 the year you take back your health? There is no better time than now to get to the root of your health concerns, be supported by experienced Naturopaths and feel great again with Mullen Natural Health Centre.

mullen natural health initial naturopath consultation newcastle

First time visiting a Naturopath? We’re excited for you! Read our article 10 things to expect on your first visit and get ready to take control of your health!

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