Why your Thyroid test is wrong

It’s entirely possible that you have been tested for thyroid function by your doctor and told that your thyroid is functioning well, your results are fine, nothing to worry about here and not much else is said. You still don’t feel great but your doctor has said the results were ok, maybe it’s all in your head? Or perhaps your results were wrong?


How is this possible?


The system for testing thyroid function works like this – Your doctor will initially only test your levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), the hormone that regulates your thyroid function. They won’t however, test for Thyroxine (T4) or Triidothyrine (T3) UNLESS your TSH is out of the recommended range. The reason for this? Medicare won’t allow it. To minimise costs, Medicare’s strict guidelines are to test for TSH first and only test the other thyroid hormones if there is an issue with the TSH results.


The problem with this? TSH is only one small piece of the thyroid function puzzle and does not give an accurate reflection of how your thyroid is working. It doesn’t tell us how well the TSH is being converted to its active form nor does it tell us how well the body is using it! Additionally, the “normal” TSH range is generally between 0.5-4.5 (allowing for some variation with different pathology labs), which is quite broad and does not account for the early stages of thyroid dysfunction. For example: physically, you could have all the symptoms of low thyroid function – only to be told by your doctor your results are “within range” and your thyroid function appears “normal”.


From a naturopathic perspective, an optimal TSH range is between 1-2.5. Anything greater suggests that your thyroid may be under-functioning and not normal at all, anything lower than this means your thyroid is in overdrive. This can lead to a broad range of problems, so of which I have covered in previous posts.


What you should do if you believe your thyroid may be functioning optimally?

If your symptoms suggest thyroid dysfunction and your concerned about your TSH levels, your Naturopath can refer you for further testing to determine if you have underlying thyroid dysfunction. Measuring your T3 and T4 thyroid levels is the only way to know for sure and will provide great insight into the health of your thyroid, unfortunately these levels cannot be tested under the Medicare system. Don’t worry though, it’s a relative inexpensive test and it is money well spent to determine if you need help with your thyroid.

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Why your thyroid test is wrong

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